Ratatouille - Having seen it...

Brought the guys to see Disney/Pixars latest 'Ratatouille' yesterday.

I thought it was a lovely film with great characters, a novel story and the most blindingly brilliant animation I have ever seen.

It wasn't what I expected though.

Pixar have brought us kiddie-fare which we adults can also enjoy and appreciate. It strikes me, however, that this one is adult-fare which kiddies can also come and see.But the kiddies were restless at times.

This is not 'Toy Story' or 'Monsters Inc'.

There are chases and funnies but not as many as in previous films and the somewhat sedate pacing of the film (long long first act, thoughtful second act) seemed to leave the kids behind a bit.

Having said that, my guys said they loved it so that must count for something.

A largely unidentifiable voice-cast are loomed over by Peter O'Toole's amazingly-silky food critic who really really stands out.

The climactic scene where he finally gets his meal and starts to eat it, is a great movie moment.

So I think you should go and see this.

Bring the kids too, but tell them to settle in for a good story rather than a roller-coaster ride.

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