Bum Signal on iTrip

Got one of these iTrip things to stick in my ipod so it plays on the car radio.

(Got it a few months back on Ebay where I get lots of things.)

Anyway, 'couldn't make it work - all hiss crackle and interference - so threw it in the bit at the bottom of the door that you throw stuff in.

Driving tonight, thought I'd try it again cos there was diddly diddly music on all channels and frankly I wasn't in the mood for it.

Same again, tonnes of interference, weak signal etc.

So I moved the ipod around the car, trying to find a good spot where the music was clear.

Guess what?

I found a place and listened to a favorite playlist all the way home - the next best thing to choccie bars and non-diet coke.

Anyway... this position... where the ipod works on the radio... em... I have to sit on it.

So, straight from my ass to your radio, it's...

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