Messiah Who

So I've written a little previously about some of the top movies and how they 'borrow' from the Christian story for their more memorable and involving elements.

ET and Green Mile were the ones that came to mind at the time.

So now (literally... just finished on BBC1) Doctor Who steps up and joins the fray with a thundering finale which elevates the good doc to Messiah status with all that entails - including a female 'John the Baptist' who goes before him and is patently not worthy to wash his feet etc etc...

And then, (no spoilers here) as only Doctor Who can, the writers neatly rub it all out and start again.

The wonderful writer Russell T Davies has elevated 'Doctor Who' to something very special.

For me it was always a second rate cult series with sub-zero budget and laughable production values and I could never see any value in it beyond that.

The last three series has provided top-notch entertainment and a genuine 'set your clock' televisual event and, occasionally, it has even gone beyond that to become moving, revealing drama of the very highest order.

If you haven't given it a chance, you should, you really should.

And my point here is not religous or anything, it is simply that tonights episode is further affirmation that we are gripped by the tenets of our own dogma and the harvesting of that material for storytelling purposes can be a rewarding experience.

Too much pepperoni on my pizza perhaps?

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