My Harry Potter Order Of... Movie... thing

Saw the movie this afternoon with my sons.

I think this is far and away the best of the series so far.

Credit to the director - Yates has done well - he's earned his spurs and it's good news that he's signed up for the next one too.
Credit the cast too - the young ones are rounded and believable and the heavyweights make the most of the little they are given.

But credit, most of all, the writer - no, not Jo, we all know how wondrous she is - rather the screenwriter Michael Goldenberg, who has miraculously taken the longest and IMHO weakest book and extracted all that matters while leaving aside the vast quantities which did not.

So, whereas the previous adaptations were like condensed versions of the books, this one takes just what it needs from the book then runs ahead under its own steam.

Previously the text has been given too much weight and this has always spelled death to the script. Here the narrative rolls along, capturing the friendship of the central characters adeptly and punching home the key plot points with tiny succinct lines.

Well done Mr. Writer, let's have you back again too eh?

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