Deja Vu Movie

I rented this DVD mostly on account of its '12' certificate which meant I could watch it with my son for a Friday night Veggie.

Anyway it was better than I expected it to be so I thought y'all should know that.

Directed by Tony Scott (yes Ridley's brother, he loves that) who normally does high octane things and yes, well, this is kind of a high octane thing as well but it's also got some nice character stuff in it.

There's an element of Time Travel and Sci-fi in it, so you have to be prepared to swallow some of that but, once you gulp that down, there's plenty to enjoy.

It references a lot of other films - 'Enemy of the People', for technology and espionage - 'Terminator' for tricky time tampering twists and, most interestingly, a little-seen oldie called 'Sharkey's Machine' which had Burt Reynolds in it (this referencing-thing is just my opinion, mind you).

Sharkey's Machine was a macho-cop fest but it had a central sequence which showed the hero voyeuristically and protectively watching over/spying on the female protagonist.

Deja-Vu has that too and it's an effective and involving ploy as the hard-bitten hero watches his unsuspecting target go through her day-to-day routine and slowly and inexorably falls for her.

Anyway I thought it was above average and I commend it to you for your consideration.

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