A Lesser Known Scary Movie

I like scary movies.

I like to watch them alone late on weekend nights with my treasured wireless headphones on.

I have never been scared by a scary movie (never) I just like 'em.

As an aside, the only time I jumped at a movie was at a really silly thing - it was in the last Roger Moore James Bond film - 'A View to a Kill' - and a fine old load of tosh it was too. Anyway, there's this one bit where our James is poking around a deserted house and this cat jumps out of nowhere for no logical reason. I jumped. That's the only time.And I am quite old enough to have sat in a cinema when 'Jaws' first came out in '75 and the entire cinema jumped when that old white head popped outta the boat - everyone except me. Sharks don't scare me.. but cats...Anyway, I digress.

In a vain attempt to be windswept and interesting, I thought it would be nice if I could cite a good example of a scary movie that much of the general populace might not have seen.

My runner up was 'The Vanishing' but this is diluted by the fact that it has been remade in an awful american version with the normally excellent Jeff Bridges and this remake has diffused the wondrously perverse effect of the original. If you see the original around or on telly have a look (don't check it out... never check anything out)

Anyway, my best recommendation is a Japanese film called 'Audition'. I'll say no more but try to see it before the inevitable watered-down Hollywood version appears. It turns up on filmfour and channel 4 occasionally.

See it and I guarantee you will never react to the words 'kitty kitty' in the same way again.

And it's nothing to do with a cat.

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