His Other Crib

Interesting that The Vatican have decided that this years crib will be based on the Gospel of St Matthew rather than St Luke.

Luke is the only guy to give us things like Nazareth, mangers, wise men and zero-personality-inn-keepers - and even he didn't really give us very much of that.

In fact, all of the imagery we cling to at this time of year is hardly mentioned at all in Luke's Gospel and not mentioned at all in the other three.

So Matthew has it that Mary and Joseph stayed at home in Joseph's home crib and that Jesus was born there among the wood shavings and tools-of-the-trade. (Okay that last bit isn't in the Gospel either but I can embellish a little too, can't I?).

Anyway I think it's kind of cool to show a different aspect of the story, maybe it means we will look at it all a little more skew-ways and even think a little harder about what it might mean (or not mean) to each of us.

The trouble is, every time I try to think seriously about it, I get to picturing Joseph on MTV showing the cameras round his crib."Yo yo, this here's the bedroom - where absolutely none of the action happens".

Darn, 'lowered the tone again, didn't I?

And I was doing so well for a little while there.

Happy Christmas everyone.

It can mean something if you really want it to - try to make it so, eh?

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