The Playlist's The Thing

God I love my ipod.

I didn't think I would - i kinda thought it would be a novelty for a while and then sit there taunting me about how expensive it was and how little I use it.

But no...

The best crack I get out of it is making playlists of songs on the computer, getting them on the ipod and then leaving them sitting until I forget what tracks i put in them.

Then I play one of them without looking at the tracklist.

The joy of unexpected songs - and each one something you like a lot.

It's more fun than I can hardly bear.

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Matthew S. Urdan said...

I have an earlier version of the ipod. It's called the "desktop computer." It works the same way, I've got 160 Gigs of memory. I transferred all 1300+ compact discs. It's fun to put it on random play. What's really crazy though, with 15,000 songs or so, how the HELL is it possible for the same song to be repeated three times in two hours?