It's Really Capicola

Again, to honor (note American spelling for even more honour) the last ever episode of 'The Sopranos' on RTE2 tomorrow night, here is the truth about Tony' enigmatic and iconic snack 'Gabigool'.

'Capicola' is an Italian cold cut or salami.

The name is from "Coppa," Italian for cured meat (alternatively from capo—head), and "collo," the shoulder (and neck) of a pig. It is esteemed for its taste and is more expensive than most other salami.

It is usually sliced thin for antipasto or sandwiches, such as muffulettas and hoagies, as well as some Italian pizzas.

It is the practice (I hear) with some East Coast Italian-Americans to take italian works and to chop off ending vowels and to voice unvoiced consonants.

So 'Capicola' loses the slightly etnic end-vowel and the 'C's harden to 'G''s - thus 'Gabigool'.

Interestingly this can also seem to be a generic phrase meaning simply 'something to eat'. So when Tony says 'where's the Gabigool?' he might not even be looking for 'Capicola', just a general nibble.

Some harmless fun can be had by trying to take other italian words and apply the same rules to see what other 'Soprano-speak' can be explained.

For instance, a mobsters illicit girlfriend (wha... you ain't got one?) is referred to as a 'Goomah' - which is a derivative of 'Comare' meaning girlfriend.

Or (I'll stop after this one) 'stu cazzo' being 'the testicles' which turns into 'Stugots' which, you will be buzzed to learn, is the name of Tony's boat.

Now you will understand 'The Sopranos' for evermore.

Whaddya mean it's finished?

You mook!

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