Me, fantasizing about accepting my next Oscar.

I have to thank loads of people - don't be waving that 'ten seconds' sign at me, dude, it's taken me 45 years to get my ass up here, I won't be getting down in no ten seconds.

So.. Donna for directing, Oisin for producing (feck the fada's I'm under time-pressure here), the Linenhall who remain a bastion of good humour and relative sanity in a world gone otherwise mad.

My family, they support me, they encourage me (brush your teeth, they say, take your feet off the couch...) but they also inspire me - whether they're choking on maltesers, tucking their dress into their knicks at glamorous functions or just being... nice


okay okayokay... the Cast - the wonderful wonderful cast;

(deep breath)

Sinead, Avril, Sally, Ciara, Ellen, Paul, Isaac, Charlie, Richard and Catriona I love you all

No... don't play the music

I'm not finished,

I'm not....

Okay, I'm finished.

The Show

What a wonderful cast.

I sat and watched and never even knew I wrote it.


What I did before the Show

Had a shave.

The second today (just to look nice)

New Razor blade - shaves you close, then closer still, then closer still still.

Spotted a small hair growing on the top of my ear.

(I'll have that)

'Damn near cut my ear off.

'Bled profusely for ten minutes.

Time for show

Premiere Night Approaches...

So my new play 'Midnight in the Theatre of Blood' gets its premiere in my favourite place - The Linenhall Theatre, Castlebar on Tuesday night (26th Feb 2008).

We spent much of today on rehearsals, 'Full Dress', 'Top and Tail' and 'Jurassic' (I only made one of those rehearsals-names up).

We have a super cast, great director and an 'all-right' writer. We also have two sold-out shows, which is dead-nice-really.

I'll be a nervous ball of grey belly-button-fluff for the next two days but that's part of the fun.

I just keep thinking, how lucky am I to have people who will committ to take on my plays, learn them, do them and make them better and better by selflessly adding their own expertise in to them.

Yup, I'm a lucky dude all right. Wish me luck though, we all need a little luck..

Devastating or Is It Just Me?

Is Cormac McCarthy's novel 'The Road' a most devastating read or is it just me?

That is the question.

Of course it's not just me.

It's a brilliant brilliant book. Even on the most basic level of a survival and horror story, it's gripping and totally memorable.

But it pretty much shook me to the core.

I think this is becuase I must be roughly the same age as the man in the book and one of my sons must be roughly the same age as the boy. I identified with it all far too much for my own good, I think.

That song by Aslan 'How can I protect you in this crazy world' kept coming to mind...

Anyway, I commend this book onto you, dear Blog-Surfer, I really do.

Ads on Top of Bebo Page - Don't Like It

Have these banner adverts just appeared at the top of the Bebo pages or am I just waking up from something?

I don't like them - I clicked on someones page and thought they had a new skin that said 'Is you air filter slowing you down' and I thought it was some new cool band or movie or something and went off surfing it up and... oh never mind!

I don't like these new banner adverts, that's all, it's makes the pages look like they endorse the products that are featured.

Maybe if it was for Fig Rolls....