Me, fantasizing about accepting my next Oscar.

I have to thank loads of people - don't be waving that 'ten seconds' sign at me, dude, it's taken me 45 years to get my ass up here, I won't be getting down in no ten seconds.

So.. Donna for directing, Oisin for producing (feck the fada's I'm under time-pressure here), the Linenhall who remain a bastion of good humour and relative sanity in a world gone otherwise mad.

My family, they support me, they encourage me (brush your teeth, they say, take your feet off the couch...) but they also inspire me - whether they're choking on maltesers, tucking their dress into their knicks at glamorous functions or just being... nice


okay okayokay... the Cast - the wonderful wonderful cast;

(deep breath)

Sinead, Avril, Sally, Ciara, Ellen, Paul, Isaac, Charlie, Richard and Catriona I love you all

No... don't play the music

I'm not finished,

I'm not....

Okay, I'm finished.

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Testuser said...

Good speech! Lets hope you get to use it!