A Good Reason to Hate Goldeneye

Further to some interesting discussions (post Casino Royale '06) about things bond-related, I was reminded of why I took so very badly against Goldeneye when it first came out.

I really wanted to like it a lot and I saw it Leicester Square in the first weekend among a highly-expectant audience who seemed generally well-pleased with what was delivered up to them.

And, in fairness, Brosnan was good (he got better) and some of the action scenes were good.

But...One scene, just one scene blew it for me.Near the end, (I can't even recall this very well - it annoys me that much) Brosnan is in the jungle (or somewhere) and suddenly the 'calvary' in the form of troops and helicopters drop into the scene.

But, can I put this across clearly? the characters in the movie were *surprised* to see the soldiers and helicopters appear BUT they could only have been languishing outside of the camera frame, they were there to be seen by the characters all the time, it should be only the audience who were surprised by the absailing soldiers etc.

This clearly states the intent of the director - nothing is real outside of the frame of the movie, nothing need convince, nothing need be real, it is all a game, a joke, a piece of worthless confection which does not have to stand up to more than a lazy moment's scutiny.

The decision to use that scene devalued the whole enterprise.Watch it if you can and see if annoys you too.

No.. I do have a life.

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