My Writing Resume

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Although this is a writing blog, I don't talk about my own writing as much as I thought I was going to.

In case you're wondering if I've ever actually written anything, here's a list of my produced work. I'm only listing writing which has had a full production - there's loads and loads of un-produced material that will hopefully add to this list one day.

Radio Plays


Channel 31

To Sleep

The J-Seat

Grainne’s Cut

A Place in Between

Show and Tell

Conception Pregnancy and Bert

Theatre Plays:

To Sleep

Julie’s Call

Paul’s Talent

The Moon Cut Like a Sickle

Midnight in the Theatre of Blood

Dream On


The Doubles Partner (Claremorris Fringe Winner 2013)

Dance Night 

Conception Pregnancy and Bert


The Line Rehearsal 


Deb's Night 

I Bet You Say That to All the Boys

The Colour of Red

Two for a Tenor (2021)


A founder member of and actor with KODE Theatre Company (2004). Three productions to date:

One for the Road

Ritual for Dolls



Twice Winner: London Radio Playwright’s Festival

Winner: Dickens Museum Anniversary Short Story Competition

Twice Winner: Mid and North West Radio Play Competition

Shortlisted: P.J. O’Connor Award (Radio)

Shortlisted: Society of Irish Playwright’s O.Z. Whitehead One Act Play Competition.

Second Place: Edith Ruddick Award – Radio Play

Shortlisted: Mid and North West Short Story Competition

Shortlisted: Irlam Fringe Festival 2014

Winner: Claremorris Fringe Theatre Festival 2013, Shortlisted: 2014, 2015, 2016

As Reviewer/Reader/Shortlister

Woolwich Young Radio Playwright’s Competition – Shortlist reader for three years.

London Radio Playwright’s Competition – shortlist reader for two years.

Currently holding several 'reader' positions but sworn to secrecy on them all.


Writer in association with Claddagh Films, Kinvara, Co. Galway

Channel 31 - a short film, played Galway Film Festival 2010 (and other festivals) 

Getting In - Short film 2020, Multiple Film Festivals.


Finished my first one - hasn't everyone?

Now busy writing the second. I think it's going to be quite good.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it seems that I'll be in to you
I do like prose and its parts
I wish that u'll send me ur writing picsec as well as ur awsome photo which i'll hang in me rooooom

Ken Armstrong said...

Thank you Anon. I think it's best if I just hang in my own room for now. But your suggestion makes me smile and I appreciate it very much. :) (See?)

Paul said...

Hi Ken, Paul here, I got your name through a book publishing event in Tallaght, as part of the Redonlinebookfestival. I am writing some short stories and plays at the moment. I based in Dublin. would you be available to meet up to have a chat re ideas and support?



Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Paul, I'm afraid time and distance constraints would make that difficult to do. I'm in Mayo and very short of spare time these days. For what it's worth, you have my support and my advice is hugely overrated. :)

Have you sought out some of the writers groups and resources closer to you. I bet you have.

Sorry I can't be much use at the moment. I'm only grinding along myself so wouldn't be much use anyway. Thanks for getting in touch. :)