This Entrecard Thing...


I'm not sure how well this Entrecard thing will work for me as a marketing tool.

I think at least part of the idea is that you zip around people's Blogs, leaving your little card in much the same way as the Easter Bunny leaves imaginary droppings on your lawn.

Part of the idea, I understand.

See, my problem is that so many of these Blogs are so good.

I can't be dropping my little card and pissing-off to the next just like that.

I gotta have a l'il sniff around...

'Half hour later I'm still there, checking out a noodle recipe or learning how to deal with my teen offspring several years before I need to know.

So maybe Entrecard won't work as a marketing tool for me but guess what?

I don't really need a marketing tool

I need Input.

And, boy, there's plenty of that.

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