Stupid in the Ocean

Sometimes when I see a phrase I like I try to write a lyric for it.

Never any music alas.

So I saw the expression 'Stupid in the Ocean' yesterday...

Stupid in the Ocean
(inspired by a ranting-sort-of-a-blog by Naomi)

I'm stupid in the ocean
Brainless in the brine
Very dopey dans la mer
now you're no longer mine

I'm silly in the salty swell
insane in the sea
witless in the watery wave
now you're not here with me

I should not have come without you
I should have stayed at home
Instead of bobbing stupidly
Upon this stupid foam

I'm hapless in the H2O
Barmy in the bay
Alone in the Atlantic
now that you've gone away


Testuser said...

Very good! I Love real poems and silly ones are such fun! Thanks for the smile!


Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks Margaret!!

I rarely write verse but sometimes a line catches my eye, 'more of a rhyme-er really...

But so glad you got a smile - that's the Primary Objective.

R. Brady Frost said...

HAHA! Good show!