Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Well if we Irish Bloggers can't wish the World at Large a little Peace and Joy on our national holiday then who can?

Here's an Irish Joke for you all;

An Irishman went looking for a job on a building site in London. The foreman set him a question as a little test.

"What," he asked, "is the difference between a Joist and a Girder?"

"Easy," our (Irish) hero replied, "Joist wrote 'Ulysses' whereas Girder wrote 'Faust'.

(Blogger dances off towards stage left)

Ta da dah-dah ta da duh-uh-uh (crash)



Shelia said...

LOL! Waaaa, Waaaaa, Waaaaaaa. :D

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

Canucklehead said...

Here is one for you:


I'll have a green beer for ya' - cheers!

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

That deserves a resounding grooooooaaaaaaaaaan.

Susan at Stony River said...

A literary joke, brilliant, I love these! My favourite's the one about Rene Descartes, who walks into a bar and orders a drink; the barman asks him if he'd like ice in it, and after considering a moment, he says, "I think not," (wait for it) ... and disappears.

Well, *I* laugh at it!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

R. Brady Frost said...

I think you guys had one or two too many beers when you posted... I'm literally shaking my head at you all.