Insert ‘Something Irish’ Here…

I was just amusing myself by thinking of great works of Art/Literature and how I might ‘Irish’ them up a bit.

The reason for this is…

Well, I haven’t a clue really…

Anyway, here’s a few ‘Irished-Up’ classics I thought of:

Stanzas Written in Dejection near Ballintubber.

Romeo and Mary-Francis

The ‘Maureen Lisa’

The Haystack Inferno

The Cray-ture in The Rye

I was reminded of this little game while I was looking over something I wrote ages ago.

In that 'thing', two characters were arguing as to why there was no such thing as a Great Irish Opera.

One character suggested that Puccini's ‘La Boheme’ could be transcribed down to Killarney, complete with the show-stopping aria;

"Yer Tiny Hand is Feckin’ Freezin’ (so it is)".

This little game can be applied to most Artistic Endeavours:

Bob Dylan – "Lie Down, Woman, Lie Down"

Henrik Ibsen – "Peer Gynt’s Goat"

Perhaps you might try putting a few of your own local places into your favourite famous works:

Ode on a Glaswegian Urn?

Indianapolis and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Bleak Sten-House-Muir?

Try it. It’s a blast – a small one – but a blast nonetheless.


"’Get out more?"



Tam said...

Somebody might have to call the Indiana polis if this weegie urn goes missing like.

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

"Yer Tiny Hand is Feckin’ Freezin’ (so it is)" made me laugh myself silly. (Isn't it from La Boheme though?) Up here in Tyrone it would be something more like 'Yer wee hand is while coiul' (last word v. unpronounceable, it's taken me years to get the hang of the dipthong.)

I actually saw the original performed by a very small tenor to a very large soprano, which was surreal..

Hmmm. Trying to think of some others in order to contribute, but I'm a bit brain-dead this evening.

Ken Armstrong said...

So it is!! Thanks. (for the laugh too).

Quick amendment coming up

BTW, I got American Gods and its next one my list and I am SO looking forward to it - it's great to have a book to look forward to.

Ken Armstrong said...

Then there's that new Irish kid's movie:

'Horton Hears a Who-er'

(I am Irish by the way, so I'm allowed do this... I think. But I'll stop now)