The Moon After Midnight

This Thursday sees what will probably be the final performance of my newest play ‘Midnight in the Theatre of Blood’ by my great friends at Do You Playhouse at The Kiltimagh Theatre, County Mayo (8.00pm).

It’s been tremendously great fun and I’ve loved what they did with my little play.

So then, just as I’m getting ready to be depressed about the end of all that fun, I get this in my email.

This is the kind of thing that can brighten up a guy’s day.

Balally Players new production of ‘The Moon Cut Like a Sickle’ runs in the Mill Theatre Studio, Dundrum, Dublin from the 15th to the 19th April.

I’ve seen them do it in rehearsed reading and I’m looking forward like mad to seeing the full thing.

So if you’re in Dublin around that time, do come down and have a look.

As for all my Non-Ireland based buddies who drop by here from time to time. Well I know, what with carbon footprint concerns and the relatively strong position of the Euro against many other international currencies, that it might not be the easiest thing in the world for you to fly over here…

…but try eh?


R. Brady Frost said...

I think you should grab the gang and have them fly over here. The acoustics in my living room aren't the best but I will suffer the poor sound quality just this once. :)

Jena Isle said...

You know Ken, I read a book about Ireland several years back which I found very intriguing. The title was "Trinity" by Leon Uris. Perhaps you are familiar with the book. The pogrom between the protestants and the catholics as described very vividly by Uris was something that kept me thinking. Forgive me if I am naive, but is this still being done in some parts of Ireland? ..just wondering out loud.

Ken Armstrong said...

'Trinity' is much celebrated for its straighforward and involving use of simple language. It is also criticised for perhaps taking a somewhat partisan view of Irish History.

I'm no great student of the subject so I can't say much on that for sure.

The events Uris described were based on 19th Century History. A week ago we marked the tenth anniversary of a peace agreement in Northern Ireland which is thankfully holding firm.

Jena Isle said...

See, how ignorant I am. Thanks for the info. I am happy to know that. Keep posting.