Fighting with Writing… Stuff

Tam over at ‘Fighting With Writing’ has asked me to ‘Guest Blog’ for him today.

Silly boy.

I’ve never done it before. So, excited as I am, I’m letting everything go to rack and ruin around here while I spout some gibberish about ‘My first break in writing’ over at his place.

You could come and take a look… ‘wouldn’t kill you.

While there, you should have a good look around. Tam is a canny-wee-blogger and I’ve learned a thing or two from him.

The only thing is… nobody told me that guest blogging involved some baby-sitting as well.

Em… Tam?

What time will you be home…?



Tam said...

Don't worry, I'll be back by dawn.

If she gives you any nonsense, just bounce her up and down, for some reason babies can't get enough of that.

Anonymous said...

@ Ken - Wanted to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed your post over at FWW, and commented there. Good stuff!

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks Bob, I appreciate you letting me know that.

And, of course, you are *so* right about 'crags' - 'been in a few of them, God knows. But I thought I'd better stick to 'accentuating the positive' for that post. :)