Limerick Competition 2 – The Revenge

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Internet...

You shouldn’t really be surprised.

The comments on the first Limerick Competition Post were such good fun that there simply had to be a sequel.

(Well, Cecilia told me there had to be.)

Of course this one may have more bangs and crashes but, ultimately, it just won’t be as good as the original.

But here goes anyway.

The most fun we have around here often has to do with things such as movies and… em… Limericks. So I thought why not throw the two in together? Why not write some Limericks about movies and ask the lovely visitors to write a Limerick about a movie too. More - I'll try not to name the movie in the Limerick, then fun could be had in trying to guess the movie. (All right - it was a slow night in Ideasville).

So I wrote a few and stuck them in below. The result is a bit like a series of Limerick Movie Riddles… very easy ones.

Will you do me an honour and write one of your own and put it in the comments thingie? I’d be eternally grateful, so I would.

As before, I’ll give 500 EC to the one I judge to be the winner plus a good link in the sidebar for a few months. (See Canucklehead over there? He won last time and it changed his life… he swears a lot more now). If you don’t use EC, you can have the link anyway and that amazing buzz that only comes from being the very best… that’s what I hear anyway.

For the first person that names the five movies I am Limericking about – all five, mind - I will try to write a copiously rude and disgusting Limerick about them as a special treat (can you wait?). Watch out for the fifth one, it’s a tiny bit tricksey - by which I mean it is not 'Gone With the Wind'. If you only get four, put them in anyway, you might win.

If you can also be first to explain why Bruce Willis warrants a mention in Limerick 3, or name three actors who are still surviving the movie in Limerick 4, I’ll also give you a wee few EC into the bargain.

It’s all in the name of fun. Roll up, roll up. Put your rhymin’ hat on.

The Natives don’t know what to do
The Beast has just munched one or two
Yes, the wall was secure
But they installed a big door
Large enough for the king to break through

When the heat wave got into my head
I went where that femme fatale led
And though Mattie may lie
Still one bad man will die
For no reason but we want him dead

The men of this town were not super
When there was trouble, they hid in the pooper
So it falls to one man
To do whatever he can
Not Bruce Willis, fool, Gary Cooper.

The fire was deadly… and high
And an A-List of stars had to die
Now the death toll’s grown steeper
For, in real life, the grim reaper
Took the survivors as well, by and by

Along came a new secret man
He was dangerous, quite violent, yet calm
But his girl Vesper Lynd
Thought it was ‘Gone with the Wind’
When he said, “Do I look like that I give a damn?”

There... surely you can do better?

If I’m lucky enough to get a few comments, I’ll hold them in moderation for one day so you can fool yourself into thinking you're first with the answers and get all excited.

Odds are, you will be.

Oh, by the way, any Limericks you may write in my comments section remain the property of the person who wrote them - always – just in case one of them lands a movie deal or something.

UPDATE: Let's clarify the prizes: 500 EC, kindly donated by Jena Isle for best limerick (plus a link here), 500 EC for all five answers (or closest) to the movie/limerick/riddles and 200 EC each for first correct answers to those little questions I posed.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to be the first to comment.

The 1st is Beowulf.
I still have to read the next 4.

K. said...

The gauntlet has been thrown down!

A few years while getting lost driving in the Irish midlands, my wife and I amused ourselves by composing an obscene limerick about every town, village, and hamlet that we drove through. The only rule was that it had to begin with "There was a [man/woman/boy/girl] from..." We've tried it here, but there's something special about those Irish place names...

Anonymous said...

Good morning Ken, this sure is fun, but I don't know the answers the rest and I'm off to work (it's 7:30 am)lol...but I'll be back for the rest of the answers. Can we research? lol...

The first answer would be Jurassic park or Land of the Lost (about dinosaurs), the rest , I'll research. Have a good day. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably not right but hell, it was fun:

1. Beowulf
2. True Grit
3. Good Sam
4. The Towering Inferno
5. Casino Royale

3 surviving actors in 4:
Faye Dunaway
Richard Chamberlain
O.J. Simpson

Susan at Stony River said...

When you asked for a verse about movies,
I thought that idea sounded groovy.
But when I tried mine,
Not a word came to mind,
And now I can't even make the last line of this fit or rhyme or anything.


Does your comments section have a 'special class' for the limerickly challenged?

Reese said...

The world will change as we know it.
You are human, but don't dare to show it.
Emotionless throngs
Wander streets all day long
Looking for victims to spit on.

(Give me a break, it's early!)

McGuire said...

Enjoyed these ken.

I'm still searching for my limericks. They are on my PC which I don't use as much I simply need to switch it on and find the file.

back soon

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks guys, more detailed replies later.

Just to say that I'm holding back any limerick puzzle answers I might have got until tonight. I haven't got many! :)

Jena Isle said...

I can't guess the title of the movies Ken.I'm slow and dumb today,,,lol..was I ever smarter? but can you guess mine?

There in a big rickety wall
the clock ticked high and tall.
the rain splattered
the young man stuttered
but still he went on
to another time zone.

Now guess the,..whatever..cheers.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

No clue, is #4 Towering Inferno?

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Here's my movie limerick entry:

A moving epic over the rainbow
a dream legacy few Yankees had known
what started dull and brown
and had audiences frown
revealed magic and love in the moonglow.

Cleveland Real Estate said...

1. King Kong
2. Holoflux Universe
3. American History X
4. FlashFire
5. Casino Royale

Completely terrified as a child
Mental thrill crazy and wild
Instead of hiding and starting to cry
You want to give up and just die
'Twas the costume; disturbingly styled...

Ken Armstrong said...

I'm getting guesses involving movies I've never even heard of! Great. :)

Nobody's cracked it yet though.

Can you guess the movie limericks in the comments? Feel free to try.

Reese said...

When the heat wave got into my head
I went where that femme fatale led
And though Mattie may lie
Still one bad man will die
For no reason but we want him dead

****Straw Man with Nicholas Cage??

Reese said...

When the heat wave got into my head
I went where that femme fatale led
And though Mattie may lie
Still one bad man will die
For no reason but we want him dead

****Straw Man with Nicholas Cage??

Reese said...

Along came a new secret man
He was dangerous, quite violent, yet calm
But his girl Vesper Lynd
Thought it was ‘Gone with the Wind’
When he said, “Do I look like that I give a damn?”
******Bond, James Bond.....
Casino Royale?

Reese said...

The men of this town were not super
When there was trouble, they hid in the pooper
So it falls to one man
To do whatever he can
Not Bruce Willis, fool, Gary Cooper.
Complete guess here, because I've never seen it....High Noon?
I know Cooper was in it?

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Jena, is yours Back to the Future?

Ken Armstrong said...

So now the guessing thing gets all unfair and stuff. :) I've posted the guesses I got and nobody is 5 for 5. If you fancy the win, piece what you can from the answers given already, go 1,2,3,4,5 or as many as you can and see if you can steal it.

(I think Jena's is Back To the Future 2 - I mean too) :)

Reese said...

1. Beowulf
2. Straw man
3. High Noon
4.Towering Inferno
5. Casino Royale

Reese said...

Ok, last try....
2. True Grit
3. High Noon
4. Towering Inferno
5. Casino Royale

I give up!!!

Fiendish said...

The first one's King Kong. The rest have been named, I think...

Now, here's my feeble attempt.

The Nazis advance toward France
Ex-lovers unite with a glance
Though her husband is brave
It is Rick that she craves
But it turns out they can't take that chance.

Fiendish said...

One more.

One charming, but quite pregnant, teen
With language so often obscene
Fell in love, then gave birth
While maintaining self-worth
And remaining distinctly serene

Fiendish said...

I promise this is the last monstrosity. They're somewhat addictive.

Too young to write for Rolling Stone
Our hero was nonetheless shown
How to tour with a band
Write a full feature and
Fall in love, save a life, then go home

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Fiendish's second limerick is Juno and her third limerick is Almost Famous

Ken Armstrong said...

miss tique: You are.. first to comment. I wasn't thinking Beowulf although it fits rather neatly.

K: Having picked up my lovely faux fur gauntlet I look forward to your return (hand is freezing). :)

Jena: Glad to see you! Not either of the two you mentioned but you are riding the correct train of thought.

Miss tique: some answers right, some not so right. Other bits are impressive and may well bag you something. :)

Susan: I laughed most at yours, that's got to be good, hasn't it? :)

Reese: I'd hone that last line and will guess 'Dawn of the Dead'.

McGuire: John Wayne in 'The Searchers' will not have looked as long or as relentlessly as you. I bet you swagger out the door at the end too! :)

Jena: It *is* Back to the Future isn't it? eh?

Matt: It might be, it might be...

Matt: I've guessed on Twitter so I'll let someone else have a go for now.

Ohio Real Estate (can I call you 'Ohio'?) :) Not all right by any means... off to rent 'Holoflux Universe'... anticipation is high. Good limerick, bit baffled, Hallow'een, perhaps?

Reese: Impressive thought process. Watch this space.

Fiendish: *Thanks* for playing so hard and so true. Love the limericks. I know them all, that's how good they are. In case you think I'm bluffing, 1) co stars Paul Henried 2)Got me into some (not undeserved) trouble here on the blog some months ago and 3) features the song Tiny Dancer. HOWEVER, it's not suficient to say the others have been named above. Number all five and name them...

Nobody has yet... and there's one that nobody's named. Carrie, where are you? :)

Reese said...

I know I said I gave up, but it's not in my nature. Back to the drawing board.

My limerick was Invasion of the Body Snatchers, btw.

a note on Dawn of the Dead;
One of my first jobs was in the box office at a movie theatre. We had midnight showings and always showed Dawn of the Dead. You can imagine the crowd that would show up! I used to make our manager walk me to my car!

Anonymous said...

I have no clue which limerick is for which movie and I also have no rhyming left in me today... but I didn't want to be left out so I thought I would just say good luck to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that was so easy, very prominent feature of the movie. Yes it's Back to the Future, the series, Matt and Ken get one point each.

Let me see.. may I dish another one Ken? lol. I'm enjoying this.

A glimpse through the sockets,
and dune filled pockets,
twins were born in the night.
Undaunted by gore,
and bane of the lore
they conquered the flies
uncovered all lies,
and let peace abound,
all over the land.

I know I have to improve more but I won't give up hu hu...

Ken, I'll donate 500 EC for your prizes.

Dave King said...

Hi Ken,
I have taken the liberty of presenting you with The Lemonade Award. I hope this chimes happily with you and that you will feel able to accept it. Details on my blog Here
My thanks to you for all the pleasure your blog has given me to date.

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

I may be late with this.

1 - King Kong
2 - not a clue, though I suspect another Western
3 - High Noon (the Bruce Willis mention is a nod to Die Hard, I'm guessing?)
4 - The Towering Inferno
5 - Casino Royale

Now for a limerick of my own... Hmm.

A boy on a horse with a stick,
who fancied a nobly-born chick
First wielded a lance,
Then invented a dance,
And made lots of nobles quite sick.

Ken Armstrong said...

Reese: You gave away your answer too soon! Should have just said 'Nope'. :)

Reggie: Don't be left out! And put a price on your CMF Ads, I want to get on. :)

Jena: I haven't figured this new one yet (nor have I figured Matt's) you're all to clever by half. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Thank you Dave, I like lemonade. The third limerick was in honour of you.

Catherine: I would like to hazard a guess but I have the advantage of seeing it first so I'll let it run. Good Limerick, some good guesses too... :)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken,
I also nominated you to the Blogger's Choice 09 Awards. They have too a widget for that, so your visitors could click on it to vote for you. You may obtain it from their site at the link below. I've posted it all over my blogs. I'm rooting for you.

All the best.

Reese said...

And that's why I don't play poker!
See, I really am a dork, but a lovable one!

hope said...

Okay, most seem to think #1 is King Kong. So how about....

2. Body Heat
3. High Noon
4. Towering Inferno
5. Casino Royale

Ken Armstrong said...

Jena: I'm not paying you enough, wait, I'm not paying you at all! :)

Reese: Don't put yourself down... that's my job! :)

Hope: Interesting, I wonder what *you* think number 1 is... eh? :)

Canucklehead said...

Sorry, no guesses here but I will try another limerick of mine own, and I'll even try to not to swear for a change ...

When it starts, the main dude is dead.
Then in flashbacks, we follow his thread,
He builds an empire,
Blah, blah blah - there’s a fire,
And it turns out that Rosebud is a sled.

Man that is fun! What the hell, one more:

There once was a man names Bruce Wayne,
Who hobby it was to cause pain,
In a costume mysterious,
You may ask, 'why so serious?'
First he'd kill you and then he'd explain!

Reese said...

I'm going to be disappointed if the first one really is King Kong. First, I never saw it. Second, it seemed to obvious.

You're not really putting me down, are you Ken. You know, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get me!

*I'm really not paranoid*

Ken Armstrong said...

Linc: You *do* have the touch mate! :)

Reese: No, I wouldn't put you down. Never-ever. It *might* be King Kong though, so there's a small disappointment in prospect. :)

Reese said...

Oh, then I change my guess to the first one to King Kong.

*giggles with a smirk*

Anonymous said...

There was this movie game on the table,
That everyone was trying to label
And each & every new guess,
Sought out a little more pressure and stress.
And Ken is now stuck with the Tower of Babel.


hope said...

Honestly, I didn't watch the remake of "King Kong" but it sounds like it fits.

Didn't see "Beowolf" either but seems like there was more water than walls in that one. :)

Ken Armstrong said...

Okay, I won't say who, for now but some things have been won.

The five limerick riddles have been answered by one person.

The 'survivors' question has been answered.

The Bruce Willis question has been 'sort of' answered - enough to win.

All the answers and winners... shortly. :)

So that leaves the 'Compose a Limerick' challenge - there are some great ones here. But can anyone come in and steal it?

Finally, I'd like to guess some of the Limericks submitted.

I know Matt's so I'll remove myself from that one - 150 EC to whoever can get it right though, excluding Matt.

Fiendish's 2 and 3 have been correctly guessed by Matt (I think). I reckon number one is C_, come on, you know this. Name it for 100 EC

I think Cartherine's is 'A Knight's Tale' - 'could be wrong on that...

Canucklehead's is 'Citizen Kane' and 'Dark Knight' ('way to give the ending away, dude!!) :)

Mis tique: so true! :)

Hope: springs eternal, just watch! :)

Thanks for playing. Throw more Limericks!

hope said...

Fiendish is in a "Play it Sam" mood so I'd guess "Casablanca". ;)

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

You're right on my limerick, Ken (well, I did use a line from the film).

Fiendish's are Casablanca, Juno, and I think Almost Famous.... OK, I even thought that before I spotted Matt's answers.

Ken Armstrong said...

So our guessing is nearly all done
Blow me* if it ain't been good fun
Ohio Realtor's needs more guessin'
Jen and Matt's too. No messin'
And then Thursday's wee race will be run.

* Innocent expression.

hope said...

Matt..."Field of Dreams"

Jenna, not a clue. Brain is napping. :)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Sorry Hope, Field of Dreams is not correct.

Ken Armstrong said...

Okay Jena: my guess, after much thought is, Lord of the Flies.

How did I do?

Cecilia: what *is* yours?

Jena Isle said...

Good guess Ken, but that scene is not the whole of it.

Jena Isle said...

Matt, yours is "The Patriot".