Limerick 2 – The Epilogue

Hey, thanks for playing, you guys are the greatest!

I sometimes get to thinking I’m pretty good with Limericks and then you guys just come along and kick my ass in the comments section (the most sensitive place of the ass). Really, great work.

So, there has to be winners and there has to be… people who don’t win but are still great.

Here’s the five answers to my limerick puzzles.

1) King Kong (why did they build a wall to keep him out and then put a gate in it big enough to break through?)
2) Body Heat (I spelled Matty wrong, ‘bet that what’s threw y’all off.)
3) High Noon
4) The Towering Inferno
5) Casino Royale.

The first person to get them all right was Hope.

Well Done Hope. May you spring eternal. 500 EC are on their way to you. Hope also gets an extra 100 EC for guessing Fiendish’s fiendish limerick.

As for the other questions:

Bruce Willis deserves a mention in the High Noon rhyme because, in Die Hard 2, when the odds are stacked against him, he is asked ‘What are you going to do?’ and our Bruce memorably replies ‘Whatever I can’. Catherine at Sharp Words came close enough to bag herself 200 EC.

The Towering Inferno claimed a lot of A-List stars during it’s running time. Sadly many of the survivors have passed away for real in the intervening years and that was the gist of my bittersweet doggerel. miss tique identified Richard Chamberlain, O. J. Simpson and Faye Dunaway as people who are still surviving the movie. More power to them, I say. She gets herself 200 EC and muchos respect around these here parts.

I am going to award to 500 EC for Best Limerick to Fiendish for this one:

Too young to write for Rolling Stone
Our hero was nonetheless shown
How to tour with a band
Write a full feature and
Fall in love, save a life, then go home

Perfect meter, a movie summed up with affection and wit plus she left the name out. What more could I ask? 500 EC to Fiendish. (In case you don’t know, Fiendish is the only blogger I know who I have ever actually met in person and, God knows, we meet often enough. Thought I should mention this in case someone cries ‘skulduggery’, of which there is none). Incidentally, she is also one of the most exciting new young writers I have seen, so watch out for her.

One final award. 200 EC goes to Reese for playing the game as hard as it could be played and just getting pipped by Body Heat. You Rock, Reese!!

Did I miss anyone? Did I mess up? Let me know, I’m sure we can work something out. Oh yeah, I have to write a rude and disgusting limerick about Hope now? Anyone want to have a go in the comments section. I will have a think and post my own attempt there soon.

Let's do it again sometime, eh?


Anonymous said...

1st again.
It's the beginning of a beautiful ...habit.

I actually won ...hee, hee! And the very cool thing is that I actually tried and wrote a pseudo-limmerick, too.

Thanks, Ken!

Ken Armstrong said...

miss tique: I liked your limerick, it summed up my predicament most aptly. :)

Hope: I reckon you may not have any use for EC. If that's the case I'll have to get your address and send a little Irish something to you in a packet. Don't worry, it won't be me. :)

Jena Isle said...

Hey Ken, You haven't guessed mine yet. c'mon. make a wild

Reese said...

Awww, thanks. Yes, I have been called competitive in the past!

I'd like to thank the academy. You like me, you really like me!

*That's a riddle. who said that?*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Ken, you keep some very talented company.

Fiendish said...

Ken! You are too too kind.

*does a little dance*

I was proud of that limerick.

Cleveland Real Estate said...

I got two!

I think it was Meatloaf that said two outta five aint bad... yeah.

Fun stuff, Sir Felix.

Do it again!

Ken Armstrong said...

Jena: I'm going to go back and make a wild guess in the previous post but as of now I haven't a clue what I gonna guess. :)

Reese: What a nice name, 'Competitive in the Past'... catchy. :)

Reggie: Yes I do. (Looking at Reggie).

Fiendish: I think it's a really really good limerick - it has the last-line-humour to ice the cake. I'll do a link to your fine blog in my sidebar shortly, you can suggest adjustments if you wish. Well done gal! :)

Ohio Real Estate: Thanks. I'm about to do another post in a manner which you suggested and I am *much* more nervous about this one. Oh dear!

Susan at Stony River said...


But how can you write rude and disgusting about Hope?

A blogger extraordinaire
Took Mr. Ken up on his dare.
Try as we might
'Twas she got them right,
And so kicked our collective derriere.

Ken Armstrong said...

You're right Susan, how can I Limerick rudely about out lovely Hope?

The lady we love to call Hope
Had only a nodding acquaintance with soap
Her hubby would doze
With a clothes peg on his nose
Which was a primitive mechanism to cope

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

I don't think I really deserve 200ec for a random comment about Die Hard... but thank you anyway!
[I've never seen any of the Die Hard movies all the way through, by the way...]

I think Susan's limerick is better. :P

Ken Armstrong said...

Catherine: You deserve everything you get and, as Quickdraw McGraw used to say, "I'll do the thin'in' around here." :)

Susan is great in every respect, as we both know.

hope said...


I never win! I'm beyond honored. Yes, EC and I parted company. I'd be thrilled however to add any little Irish item to my "collection" from across the pond. [Rachel and Shug have helped represent Scotland].
I do, however, already have a little green man. ;)

There once was a woman named hope
Who started to feel like a dope.
She thought like a man
And thus kicked Ken's can.
Kathleen Turner...go confess to the Pope.

Ken Armstrong said...

There you are Hope! :) We were 'Hope' less and without 'Hope' for a while there. :) How clever are you?

I'll scour your site for an email address and contact you and I'll maybe send you a nice Irish book or something. Something much nicer than those nasty EC's anyway.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad it was you. :)