Gone 'West Wing', Young Man

Guest post are like buses, it now seems.

Although not those buses where the drivers jump out and shake your hand, apparently.

No, they're just like buses because you wait an age for one and then two come along in a minute.

After guest posting (sort of) at Sharp Words yesterday, today I'm over at 'Inside Government'.

I did a guest post over there before and it was fun. In this one I'm belting on about how 'The West Wing' has made me think I know everything there is to know about American Politics. Honest to God, I am.

So if you want to see me, once again, wading gleefully out of my depth then that's the place to go.

Normal service resumes...

PS - Thank you to 'Windmill on the Hill' who has made me their blog of the month for this month. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

The West Wing taught you well, your The West (of Ireland) Wing was very readable. My interest in the US elections was probably increased by having watched all of the West Wing on DVD last year. Brilliant series.

Laura Brown said...

I'm making a guest comment. Right here, right now. Don't get too excited and choke on your pie. :P

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken, you're going places indeed. Guest posts in several blogs - that's an honor. Congratulations!

I have joined a contest about who my favorite entrecard blogger is and I have chosen you. The post is at my Random Thoughts Blog. http://jenaisle-candidthoughts.blogspot.com

Thanks and God bless.

hope said...

I always figured the Democrat candidate would win since most of Hollywood seems to be in that party. :)

Nice job. And I agree with your wife about Jimmy Smits. ;)

Craig Hamnett said...

Thanks for using my photo in your blog post, love seeing my stuff used elsewhere! Share the love I say :)

Ken Armstrong said...

Sueblimely: I agree, brilliant series. :)

Laura: (choke) God, you got me!

Jena: I am honored mostly by the quality of my friends. Thanks. :)

Hope: She's moved on to Roger Federer now. (sigh)

Craighamnett: Thanks! It's a great pic, takes me back to London.

Susan at Stony River said...

Well I SUPPOSE we can share you occasionally, but don't make it too much of a habit--at least not at the expense of posting here! Though I am enjoying all the places you're leading us on the way.