Say, Who Are The People...?

One thing I'm always doing is seeing people who remind me of other people. I'm always saying to my friends, "Doesn't he look like...," or, "isn't she the absolute image of...?"

My friends rarely agree with me.

Because of this 'seeing dead-ringer-people', my town sometimes seem largely populated by reluctant celebrities. I see them all the time and it's just a little bit strange.

Here are a few of the people in my neighbourhood:

Buzz Lightyear
I didn't see this one until someone pointed it out to me and then it was *so* true... God.

Johnny Cabs (from the movie Total Recall)
This is not a likeness. The guy in my town really is Johnny Cabs - he's got to be.

Ron Jeremy
No I don't know who he is either. You back me up and I'll back you up.

Margaret Thatcher's Spitting Image Puppet
Poor old lady, she shouldn't have ended up looking like this... I want to offer to carry her bag but I'm laughing too hard.

Michael Flatley
Oh no, wait, it really is Michael Flatley that I see. He regularly visits Westport and joins Matt Molloy in a flute-playing session in Matt's fine pub. He's a great ambassador for Irish Culture but am I the only one who is reminded of Bugs Bunny whenever he dances?

I know this would be infinitely more fun if I had some actual pictures of my local look-alikes but have you any idea how much trouble I'm in around here already?

Do you see any celebrity looky-likeys moving through your community? I'd really like to know. Who are they?

The people that you meet when you're walking down the street...


Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

My secondary school headmistress, back in the 80s, looked like (the real) Margaret Thatcher. Thankfully she was much nicer.

And I used to go to college with a lad who looked like the one who shouts 'Get off my train!' in Ghost (sorry, can't remember the actor's name though he's pretty well-known).

But I don't have any local celebrity look-a-likes. Obviously.

Kat Mortensen said...

I don't really see anyone locally who looks like a celebrity, but I am forever saying (while I'm watching T.V., "He looks like so-and-so crossed with so-and-so" which usually gets my husband really laughing.
In the documentary, "The Human Face", John Cleese stressed that it is the highly intelligent people who can look at someone, put the data through their brain's computer and come up with someone else. So, you see, you are really a clever fellow!


Anonymous said...

I'm quite bad at that kind of a game. There's another game where sopmeone is to name a movie, and you have to name an actor or actress in that movie, then the next person has to name another movie that person was in and the next person after that has to name a different actress or actor in that movie... and so on. I'm usually pretty bad with that too.

I know celebrities when I see them, but I may not know their names. That being said, My one neighbour looks just like Danny Devito but with hair and a big bushy mushtache. Though nowhere near as adorable or talented (did I just say that?)

Susan at Stony River said...

I am SO tempted to follow up with a blog post titled "Which of these things are not..." etc. Sesame Street in my head now!

Remember Sam the Eagle from the Muppets? We've got him. And the fellow on Father Ted with the "I Shot JR" t-shirt---we've got him too.

Now you're going to think I live in OBE country (One Big Eyebrow) and I guess to some extent I do...

Jena Isle said...

There's someone here who looks exactly like Will son...he he he..Oftentimes, his wife calls him

Anonymous said...

You know -- it's kind of eerie the way our minds are working right now.... I had a thought going for a story line for a book that is about a look-alike perpetrating crimes in the name of the famous person he/she looks like and making it this sinister big news thing -- but then again, I'm so into paranoia.


Anonymous said...

Lolz.. taht's too funny dude. I also feel like that quite a many times. Nice self-observation there :)

Unknown said...

That Ron Jeremy is a double for a Belgian travel agent, who elected for many years to stay at my sister's every time he went to Torquay, rather than go to a hotel.

Ken Armstrong said...

Catherine: That's a good one (the guy on the train). I saw Ghost on first release in Bangkok of all places - everybody was laughing at different things to me. I think that guy was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest too - he's got a great face... although I wouldn't like ot have it. :)

Poetikat: Clever, moi? Oh go on... (after Danny Kaye 'Ugly Duckling) :)

Reggie: I'd like that game, I think I'd do all right. What happens when your neighbour finds your blog. Hello neighbour... welcome.

Susan: The guy on Father Ted with the I shot JR is a young Pat Shortt. We *should* post a bit on Sesame Street, I love Sesame Street!

Jena: Your son looks like Wil Smith! That's pretty cool.

Margaret: It is weird - sometimes I'll see people over and over before it finally clicks who they look like and then it's a Road to Damascus thing (Hey, dude, you look like Jesus!) and I long to tell them all about it. I see Ron Jeremy every day and he looks so sad - I wonder would it cheer him up if I told him what I thought?

Darsan: Thanks.

Jakill: Now I've got this Ron Goes to Fawlty Towers scenario running through my head... :)

Canucklehead said...

I actually pinned Flatley as a 'flute-player'. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Jim Murdoch said...

I have a standard expression for anyone I see who looks like some famous person: e.g."Brad Pitt's a poor man's Robert Redford." or "Michael Jackson's a poor man's Elizabeth Taylor." You get the idea.

If you have a few minutes to waste you might like to have a look here. I'd start with 'Gillian Anderson'.

Ken Armstrong said...

Canucklehead: I figured someone would do the 'flute' gag. Never guessed it would be you though... well... :) Matt Molloy is a powerhouse of Flute playing - a member of The Chieftains - Micheal isn't in his galaxy.

Excellent link fun, Jim, I love Maria Sharapova looking over her council house wall. :)

hope said...

There's a guy in another Recreation Dept. I see at meetings who is the twin to Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

One of my senior citizens, who's now passed on, was at least a close cousin in looks and sound to James Earl Jones.

I use to joke that God made about 25 "models" of male and female, which is why we see so many people who look familiar. :)

Laura Brown said...

It's all genetics and you can be famous and still be tied to your family genes. I like to hear that I have my Aunt Emma's laugh. Or I have my Aunt Alice's something else. It keeps them around in some little way though all of them have been dead for years now. I miss my Grandma cause now no one is left to tell me about Emma's laugh.

Anyway, I was going to say that we did all come from a much smaller population. It shouldn't be a surprise that we can share a face with someone we aren't directly related to.

K. said...

I saw someone yesterday who would be the spitting image of David Halberstam, were David still with us. Also, there used to be a woman at my gym who looked suspiciously like Barbie.

Ken Armstrong said...

Hope: I think there may be more that 25... but not too many more. :)

Laura: I'll have to find you that Harlan Ellison story about the 'laugh'. I don't think this 'famous people thing of mine is so much about the few genetic types we have in the world, I think it's more about me trying to find common ground with people and my habit of inspecting everyone I see (which was *very* tiring when I used to live in London.

K: Barbie is at your Gym? She's quite ripped already! :)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Strange, I was watching the Golden Globes last night and could have sworn that was you up on stage collecting an award instead of Colin Farrell.

Reese said...

That's Ron Jeremy???????


Reese said...

A few seasons ago on American Idol, Taylor Hicks was a contestant. He was the guy that sang soul....Where is he now??
Anyway, EVERYBODY thought my husband looked JUST like him. I don't see it, personally. For one thing, my husband is 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs 250 lbs. (I'd convert that to metric for you, but I'm the lost generation!)

Ken Armstrong said...

Matt: well spotted! Colin asked me to pick it up for him. I had a touch of a head cold but I couldn't let him down.

Reese: You should see the version of him in my town! :)

Reeese: "six foot six he stood on the ground, he weighed two hundred and thirty five pounds..." :)

K. said...

Anyone at my gym who looks like Barbie didn't come by it naturally.