Put Your Damned Indicator On!

As part of my occasional series dealing with 'Useful Tips for the Terminally Shite Driver', I present, 'Use Your Indicator, You Know it Makes Sense."

(Cue silly public-information-film-1950's-music)

(Thank you)

So I'm standing by the side of the road, waiting to cross said highway, going home, tired.

There's a right hand turn just behind me and there's a little car puttering up the road.

So I wait... the little car will putter past and I will cross.

Simple... AS IF, nothing in my life is simple.

The Car turns right, leaving me standing like a proverbial spare p**ick on the side of the road - another fifteen seconds of my rapidly unfurling life gone irretrivably up the Swannee.

Ice the cake; the daft bint driving the car WAVES AT ME.

She WAVES AT ME, as she cruises around the corner.

She WAVES AT ME as my life ticks away.

A word of advice... A little less waving and a little more indication, please, missus.

If she had only indicated to turn right, I could have crossed the road instead of waiting for a stupid drive-straight-on manouvre that was never going to bloody happen.

If she had indicated, I could have crossed.

Of course I wouldn't have...

She might have been inadvertently indicating right while intending to drive straight on. She might have RUN MY ASS DOWN.

You can't trust these people and their bloody indicators.

God, I hate the walk home, don't you?


Beamer said...

Ah life in the big city. Sounds like fun dodging 2000 pound metal vehicles with 120 Horsepower that little old ladies with out a clue are operating.

What's not to like?


Jena Isle said...

He he he...I can imagine you blowing off steam...at the waving lady..funny post.

Jim Murdoch said...

Cudda, wudda, shudda...

Anonymous said...

LOL But don't you see? She succeeded in making an impression on you because here you are making a blog post about her! If I didn't know any better... I'd say she's stalking you... you might want to be careful and remember these strangers who wave at you from their cars.

Anonymous said...

The perfect time for the one-finger wave-back!

Anonymous said...

lmao, ken, thanks for making me laugh......I need it today! :)

We miss you dreadfully.....get done with the damn holiday already!

Debbie said...

OK, so I shouldn't wave when I drive by? Sorry, it was just so exciting to see you.......

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

But Ken, you mean that some people in the Republic /do/ know how to use indicators?!!!!

Ahem. Maybe it's just the Donegal ones that come over the border that don't know how - they certainly don't use them much on roundabouts, but then I suppose that's because until 10 years ago, there were very few roundabouts in Donegal (and no people, I'm not joking or casting aspersions (much)).

hope said...

When I was learning to drive, my Dad told me, "There is no such thing as driving on the offense...it's all defensive. You have to defend yourself against the other idiots who don't believe in the rules of the road."

Sounds like that might pertain to walking where you live. :)

Anonymous said...

i so can relate. i actually had an encounter with a driver like that few hours ago, he turned right without giving a signal. i shouted, "use that signal indicator!" at him while i was crossing the street.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

You should have tried growing up in Detroit--where men love their cars, and the cars love them back. Drivers in Detroit don't stop for nothing, they don't signal for nothing, and they're not afraid of driving in snow.

Don't you dare try to cross the road walking in Detroit. The cars are not stopping.

In the Motor City, cars rule.

Anonymous said...

Its getting more and more dangerous to cross the road anymore. Its like they will hand a drivers license out to anyone who is old enough to hold himself properly at the urinal.

Glad you made it out alive :)


Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks all!

I think I'm the pedestrian from hell.