PlotDog Press Caps Off A Really Fun Week

It's been a big old week for the Blog and I.

First there was the Entrecard Comment Rush which landed on my last-but-one post like a wonderful ton of bricks. (I'm going to post something about what happened last Sunday when the 'rush' started right in the middle of my roast chicken dinner preparations but enough of all that for now).

Then I submitted my recent 'Accordion Teacher' post to the PlotDog Press WOOF Contest and it got selected THEN they gave my an Arte y Pico Award. I mean, how much love can a young man like me take in one week?

The WOOF Contest is really a very good idea.

PlotDog Press post links to the weekly-submitted writing posts and other blogs vote on their favorites. Here's the scoop on it, I recommend you have a look.

PlotDog Press WOOF Contest: Presenting the finest of the writer’s blogs by the bloggers who write them. Highlighting the top 5 posts as chosen by the June 20, 2008 WOOF Contest participants.

Want in to join the next WOOF? The next contest ends July 4. Submit a link to your best writing post of the week using the form at the bottom of this page. Participants, repost the link list below within a week and you’re all set.

Top 5 Picks

About Writing

Darcy Pattison - Novel Revision for Lovers
Miss Write - Don’t Be a Joke: Use the Right Prepositions


Ken Armstrong - The Accordion Teacher


Jennifer M Scott - Things Unsaid


Miss Write - Single Yellow Female


Dead Play: Chapter 14 - "What happens when it isn’t play…"

* * * *

PlotDog Press is a blog that is very well worth a good look.

My initial reaction to it was twofold.

First I thought it was a difficult blog to find my way around - I still feel that but I've now got used to it. Was I alone in thinking that, I wonder?

Second I thought it was going to be cute and cuddly like the 'little dog at the keyboard' in their graphics.

As I soon found out, it is anything but.

The writing on there is often tough and often challenging. Try some of the novel and script extracts and you'll soon see what I mean. There is also some candid and interesting writing-about-writing on this blog.

I'm pleased to have got my name on there for my accordion post.

Thanks guys!

* * * *
Finally, for now, a little housekeeping.

I'm going on two weeks holiday at the end of this weekend. If there's any computers where I'm going (I think there might be) I will try and post something 'live from the scene'. But, just in case, I've scheduled a string of posts to come online while I'm away.

That's the 'experiment' thing I was doing with the 'Happy' post last week - just making sure I knew how the scheduler worked (... I didn't, as it turned out).

I only mention all this 'cos I will be slower than usual to return comments and return card drop.

But I'll be back soon and I think I've got a few goodly posts lined up for then.

So I hope you'll come around and enjoy the scheduled posts and I'll see you on the 'flip side'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind review Ken, and we agree with you on navigation. The blog was put up in a hurry, and we learned a lesson many bloggers do, plan plan plan, then code!!!

We are doing a major revision to the blog layout by next week. Stop by in a week and let us know what you think!

PlotDog Press

Unknown said...

happy vacation!!!!

Jena Isle said...

Enjoy your vacation Ken, you deserve it more than anyone else.

And congrats again for all the accolade you've earned. Tell us about what happened when the comments had rained down on you on that comment bomb -that would be another interesting story.

I do find plotdog press as somewhat difficult to navigate. (just like mine, because I'm not good at lay-outs.

Plotdog, but you do have a very good content.

Btw, thanks again for you know what. Good people like are a blessings on this earth.


Jena Isle said...

That should read- Good people like YOU, are blessings on this earth.

Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday, Ken! You'll be well missed at EC. :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had a great week! And it was well deserved for you and your blog! Have a great vacation and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Ken, you magnificent Irish bastard! Enjoy your vacation. As a welcome home gift, I'm pleased to present you with my shiny new 'Honourary Canaucklehead' award. You can pick it up at the address below, provided you are into this sort of thing:


Matthew S. Urdan said...


have an awesome holiday, Mate! I expect a lot of great photos and stories when you get back. I'm heading north, about 15 hours drive time to Northern Michigan on the 10th for 4 days.

Looking forward to that I'll have appropriate blog posts "scheduled."


Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

Going on holiday? But... but... who will entertain us?!

Well, ok, you will, with your scheduled posts. (I hope.)

Enjoy it anyway, and good luck at staying away from computers.

hope said...

"Have a great vacation!" she said with a polite smile, trying not to appear jealous as she looks forward to more work after a 3 day weekend.

Seriously, hope you have fun with your family, without a computer.

Safe travels to Matt as hubby's family is from the UP. I've been there once. {I do not suggest driving from S.C. to Mich. virtually nonstop in a Datsun, but I was young and foolish then.} I now understand why the mother-in-law says the green is humidity. :)

Ken Armstrong said...

@Hope: you quoted my home-town-poet to me! W. B. Yeats (well... not quite a quote, but that's a while other story

"In a field by the river my love and I did stand,
And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs;
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears."

Many's the day I've stood beneath the mountain at his gravestone which reads;

Cast a cold eye
On life, on death.
Horseman, pass by!

@Plotdog: quite welcome, keep up the good work.

@Canucklehead: you are giving them to everyone, you big slut! But I still put it up and am very chuffed.

@Catherine: I will try to continue to entertain... or continue to try to entertain... pleased if I've succeeded a little so far :)

@Matt: I can picture you, heading north, eyes set against the sky... sort of like the Marlboro Man under a canoe. :P

hope said...

Well Mom keeps claiming we're Irish...maybe I do have a gene or two that would make me quote Yeats and not know it. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey Happy Vacs buddy!!

Chat Blanc said...

Congrats and many thanks for the info on Plotdog. I wasn't aware of the WOOF contest. Sounds like some good reading. I'll check it out.

BTW I've got your blog on feed now. I'm so glad you stopped by my site!