Limerick Competition Winner!

Thank you all so much for joining in the Limerick-Fun-And-Games in the last post. I really had a ball and I hope you did too. Let's try something similar in the new year, eh?

I promised I would pick a winner from the comments section and here he is - my friend and yours - Linc, otherwise known and loved as Canucklehead.

Linc gets himself a space on my sidebar for a few months and 500 EC into the bargain... the lucky lucky bastard!! I gave it to Linc because he met my criteria so wonderfully. He wrote about the commenter above him, his meter was exemplary, he rhymed well, and he was borderline-very-rude.

Here's what he wrote: about Margaret from Eyespi

A lady who went by eyespi,
Was well known as 'a heck of a guy',
Which was gender confusing,
Yet rather amusing,
As long as you don't check her fly!

Honorary mention (or is it 'honorable', I never know) to this miscreant, who gets 200 EC and a kick in the ass.

Celtophilia (on Canucklehead)

It's true, Linc's my favorite Canuck,
but beware if he drives up in his truck.
He's Canadian so keep
an eye on your sheep
unless they could use a good f**k

There's loads of other super Limericks in the comments section of the previous post. Keep them coming, if you like..

... and thanks for playing!


Jena Isle - a woman of her word - has contributed an additional 500 EC to the prize fund. Therefore Canuck gets another 200 EC, Celtophilia, gets another 100 EC and we get another runner-up who bags a cool-and-highly-desirable 200 EC for himself

He is Dave King of Pics and Poems, - a highly-literary-yet-highly-enjoyable blog which you really should visit. Here's Dave's contribution (about Rachel Fox).

There was a young lady named Fox
whose work was exact, not approx,
every word apropos,
every metre would flow,
and all rendered best by her vox.

Rhyming 'apropos' with 'flow' certainly put you in the running for first place, Dave, you just weren't quite rude enough!


Debbie said...

there is NOTHING borderline about the Canuck!

Canucklehead said...

Wow - I cannot believe you picked mine as the winner. I'm honoured to see my smiling face on the site, even if it only serves to make you look more handsome by comparison. There was some great ones there and I consider you as someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to writing! I'm well ... speechless!
Okay, not quite - let's see what I can go here:

There was a young poet named Ken,
Who was quite gifted with pen,
Yet when it came to his contest,
He chose the fifth from the best,
Out of entrants that totaled but ten.

Meh - it's no contest winner. CHEERS!

Anonymous said...

I feel extra special because I had a second place prize created for me. Anyone can simply win the prize, but it takes a real effort to have an extra prize created for you. Even if I did end up labeled a miscreant!

Thanks for the creds, Ken.... I'll put them in the bank and save them for a rainy day.

Oh, and congrats to the Canuck, I bow to your superior rhyming prowess, and thanks for not taking me too seriously, too. :)

Anonymous said...

WHAT? There I go misreading the rules again. I didn't know I had to be rude! lol

Congrats to the boys.

And LOL @ Debbie

Susan at Stony River said...

I don't know how you picked: it was an excellent collection!

Yes definitely keep it up; I think you're headed for a killer anthology if you do.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken,

I'll send the 500 EC's as promised, Feel free to award another one or add EC's to the winners.

Happy blogging!

Dave King said...

Raunchy enough, you meant! I'm over the moon to have been in the running. A very worthy winner of a brilliantly conceived comp, if I might say so.

Ken Armstrong said...

Debbie (darlin') I agreed!

A lap of honour from Linc! :)

Celt: You should feel extra special, you *are extra-special!

Reggie: I was afraid to mention the word 'rude' to you - anything could have happened?

Susan: It wasn't easy. I kept missing the page with the pin.

Jena Isle: Thank you, the redistribution of EC wealth is being executed even as we type.

Dave: You are a true gent! Thanks for playing and playing so very well.

Laura Brown said...

The sheep made me laugh more, even though I knew it was coming as soon as I read the word truck. :D

McGuire said...

Nice limerick, haha!

I never did get to submit my limerick, and I never did find them, or have it in me to write some new ones. When I eventually find them, humble as they are, I'll post them in my next reply.