Quantum of Knowledge

To celebrate the release of the new Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace' on Friday, here's a quick quiz, of my own making, on the subject of all things Bondian.

The answers will be in the first comment so don't go mad with it or anything, perhaps try an informal guess and see how you get on.

The radio buttons at the start of each option are cool but I couldn't figure how to do a 'submit' button so... keep your own score

And let me know how you do - they are not easy.

I'm going to see the new film on Friday and I'm boyishly excited because I always used to see all the big movies on their first night out but I never get to do it anymore.

Expect a review here late on Friday night- no spoilers though - as if I would!

Oh, I was inspired to put this little quiz up here by Ben Barden's newest post - Ten Reasons Why Bloggers are Like James Bond - which I'm proud to say I helped a little with.

Now, your starter for ten... (never mind)

1) What type of gun did Bond favour before the Walther PPK 7.65mm
Smith and Wesson
Beretta 418
Single-action Colt .45

2) Who played Goldfinger
Joseph Wiseman
Gert Frobe
Harold Sakata
Kurt Jurgens
Bernard Lee

3) In the movie 'You only Live Twice' how does Bond have his Martini
Shaken not stirred
Stirred not shaken
Straight on the rocks
In a straight glass
With red bull

4) Who wrote the screenplay for "You Only Live Twice"?
Enid Blyton
Ian Fleming
Kevin McClory
Roald Dahl
Donald Pleasence

5) What is James Bond's middle name?
He doesn't have one

6) What line is obviously cut from the final 'Gondola' scene of Russia with Love?
He was right you know... what a performance.
He was right you know... this is hot stuff
He was right you know... it's quite a film
He was right you know... shaken not stirred
He was right you know... let's throw it in the water.

7) Who first played bond in 'Casino Royale' on screen
David Niven
Daniel Craig
Barry Nelson
Sean Connery
George Lazenby

8) Which actor did not star in a james bond film named after an ian fleming book
Roger Moore
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Connery
Daniel Craig
Timothy Dalton

9) who played bond on radio in Moonraker
Bob holness
Bob monkhouse
Larry grayson
Rupert Everett
Sean Connery

10) Who provided George Lazenby's voice in OHMSS?
Peter O'Toole
Ian Fleming
Roger Moore
Bob Holness
George Baker

Score 10 and you're the next Bond.

Score 1 and you're George Lazenby

Whaaaaaaat? :)


Ken Armstrong said...

And here's your answers

1) Beretta 418
2) Gert Frobe
3) Stirred not shaken
4) Roald Dahl
5) He doesn't have one
6) He was right you know... this is hot stuff
7) Barry Nelson
8) Peirce Brosnan
9) Bob Holness
10)George Baker

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I got three right. Next time try a Mamma Mia! Quiz. It is SO Bond Related--Pierce Brosnan!

Susan at Stony River said...

You don't have a result for "none right" -- that's me! D'oh!

Do I get points for ALSO mentioning James Bond in my blog today (albeit a penguin-Bond)?

Alan said...

Now why do I remember the woman's name's in Bond ???

Underneath the Mango tree me honey...which Bond girl sang that........hint...she was looking for shells??
(I think the most beautiful of all the Bond women too, but she must be like 102 years old now)

Anonymous said...

Wow Matt, that was quick, I hardly got my typos fixed and you were in there. ABBA quiz eh? Hmmm....

Susan, forgot to mention, if you get none, you're quite wonderful. How's that? :)

Hi Alan: The glorious Ursula Andress, 'when we get married we make 'em grow, and nine little child in a row' - that'd calm their ardor. She was also in the movie 'she' so she probably doesn't get old.

I met Anouska Hempel once... but that's a whole another story...

Alan said...

I met Jane Seymour...she was really nice.

So when's the Bond Women
quiz coming....?

I watched a special on TV about them...so I'm ready :)

hope said...

I got three right, [1,4,5]which is pretty good for a girl who never liked Bond movies. Oh come on, loving those movies is such a guy thing.

I will however, still stand by my assertion that Sean Connery was the best/sexiest Bond of all. It's all in the voice. Sorry, new guy Daniel Craig doesn't hold a candle.

An ABBA quiz? Mama Mia! ;) I'd probably score with Susan on that one.


Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

5! Which isn't bad, seeing as I haven't seen all the films. I just know too much stuff about all sorts of things.

CelloBella said...

I have never watched a Bond movie all the way through.

Ken Armstrong said...

Alan: I'm all over it (sort of) :)

Hope: Connery *was* the best. I like Craig though, I'd put him second, until Friday at 11.00pm anyway...

Hi Catherine: You are fearsomely intelligent and knowledgeable and I quake a little whenever my Spidey-sense tells me you are here. Another review battle after Nano? You know it makes sense. :)

Hi Cellobella Happy Happy B :)
Regarding Bond, everything always blows up at the end so now you don't have to watch one. Incidentally, regarding International Rules Football... one nil, one nil, one nil, one nil. one nil, one nil one nillll....


Anonymous said...

Awh man... there's no submit button? Bah... I'm pretty sure I got 1 right. Then again I'm not a huge bond fan. I'm not anti-bond though.

Do let us know how you like it!!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I met Teri Hatcher once. She was actually living next door to my brother in downtown Chicago in a half-million dollar 4 story condo on Wieland Street in Chicago that she bought while she was performing in Caberet at the local theater in Chicago. Her kids were a couple years old, as were my niece and nephew...so they played a lot together. She is so cool and down to earth and friendly. It was awesome to have a chance to meet her as I had had a crush on her since Tango and Cash.

Anonymous said...

Geez! I clicked the little radio buttons all nice and neatly down to the end only to discover there's no submit button!

Well, I'm saying I got 9 of them right, but you'll have to take my word for it. :P

That'll teach ya.

What you get for wearing purple knickers.


Ken Armstrong said...

Fragile and Margaret: I know, I'm *so* sorry. I made this quiz on a social network that I used to frequent and when I brought in in here the radio buttons came along but the 'Submit' button didn't.

And I ain't the man to find it.

So, sorry, nines all round and I don't have puppel knicks anymore. :)

Hi Matt: Teri Hatcher is a cool Bond Girl to have met. (aaahhh, 'just spilled tea all over the desk, what would Bond do?)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Bond would probably get a new improved desk with all kinds of hidden compartments that stowed his secret laser pens, bullet shooting Rolex watches, missile launching hot emergency buttons, and a heads up display computer access to all the world's secret data networks and databases.

hope said...

"I don't have puppel knicks anymore".

Ah Matt, I smell a challenge. Do you think we can get the funding to buy the poor man a pair of purple ABBA drawers? ;)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

@Hope....LOL! ABBA had a lot of crazy costumes in their day, but I DON'T think purple drawers were part of any of them. However, if you go to the ABBA Site now, you can purchase either a black T-shirt with ABBA printed in Gold, or a sky blue t-shirt with ABBA-The T-Shirt in white.


Ken Armstrong said...

Matt: I could get the same desk but still spill tea on it. What a mess that was! :)

Hope: 'Puppel knickers' and 'I smell' are phrases which sincerely do not belong in the same sentence. Not in my head anyway. :)

MAtt: been trying to link Bond with ABBA to drag things back to what passes for normality around here.

All I could get was 'Fernand-oh-oh-seven'. Sad.

Rachel Fox said...

Who is this James Bond bloke?

Well, obviously I did watch some of the films as a kid (2 big brothers) but I have to say...what a load of old nonsense (how many ways can a woman wear a bikini?). The only bit I ever liked was the song on 'Live and let die'. I liked it on Shrek (was it 3?) as well.

By the way I hear Russell Brand is a cert for the next Bond. Hair 'shaken not stirred'.


Matthew S. Urdan said...


Well the new Bond Desk would also be completely Irish Tea Repellant, so you wouldn't have to worry about spilling your tea.

As for making a connection to the real world, try looking up the lyrics to "The Visitors"--written for the cold war between the Soviet Union and the US, but very Orwellian and prescient in today's world.

Ah, I'll just save you the trouble:

Visitors (Crackin` Up), The
Written by:Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus
Recording began 22nd October 1981 at Polar Music Studios, Stockholm

Lead vocal: Frida

I hear the door-bell ring
and suddenly
the panic takes me
the sound so ominously
tearing through the silence
I cannot move I’m standing
numb and frozen
among the things I love so dearly
the books, the paintings
and the furniture
help me

The signal’s sounding once again
and someone tries the doorknob
none of my friends would be
so stupidly impatient
and they don’t dare to come here
anymore now
but how I loved our secret meetings
we talked and talked
in quiet voices

Now I hear them moving
muffled noises coming
through the door
I feel I’m
crackin’ up
voices growing louder
irritation building
and I’m close to fainting
crackin’ up
they must know by now
I’m in here trembling
in a terror evergrowing
crackin’ up
my whole world is falling
going crazy
there is no escaping now
I’m crackin’ up

These walls have witnessed
all the anguish of humiliation
and seen the hope of freedom
glow in shining faces
and now they’ve come to take me
come to break me
and yet it isn’t unexpected
I have been waiting
for these visitors
help me

Now I hear them moving
muffled noises coming
through the door
I feel I’m
crackin’ up
voices growing louder
irritation building
and I’m close to fainting
crackin’ up
they must know by now
I’m in here trembling
in a terror evergrowing
crackin’ up
my whole world is falling
going crazy
there is no escaping now
I’m crackin’ up

© Copyright 1981 for the world by Universal/Union Songs AB, Stockholm, Sweden. All rights reserved

hope said...

I laugh as I type. I almost went back and made that little edit to begin with, but felt it would be cruel to deprive your mind of that trip. ;)

Matthew S. Urdan said...


More Great Bond Theme Songs:
Nobody Does It Better--Carly Simon from The Spy Who Loved Me

For Your Eyes Only--Sheena Easton from For Your Eyes Only

Beautiful Stranger--Madonna from---oh never mind, that was Austin Powers.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken,

I got only one correct answer, but I'm a bond movie fan. "My name is Bond, James Bond." lol...

I think Craig is the best James Bond actor.... and Sean Connery...

Laura Brown said...

I almost had the martini one right but doubt crept in and I changed my mind.

My exhusband is a Bond fan. He used to try to teach me all the trivia.

I like Sean Connery but the new guy does seem to have something of his gruffness. At least he doesn't look like a cover model or metrosexual.

Kat Mortensen said...

Nice red herring with that Morse middle name.
Was "The Living Daylights" a Fleming?
Poor George Lazenby. He really gets the short end of the stick. Did you read my post at "Blasts From the Past" on OHMSS?


Ken Armstrong said...

You know Rachel, Bond, Mrs Bond's young fella... :)

Nice one Matt! My Bond/ABBA connection would be cruder... something along the lines of 'they were all shagging each other...'

Bond themes? another story, I like a lot of them.

Hi Jena: Connery can never be beaten on account of being first - a huge advantage. As for the rest, I feel my next post coming on...

Hi Laura: Doubt crept in eh? Bond would have taken doubt out with a well placed jab to the throat then entertained you with one of his famous Vesper Martinis made with the stuff you can't actually get anywhere anymore.

'Cept you would have stood up to him, wouldn't you, perhaps doodled his ass. That's why we admire you around this blog. :)

Hi Kat: You get all my nuances, you clever person. Yes, Living Daylights was another short story.

Cleveland Real Estate said...

I have no idea about Bond movie trivia and I'm okay with that. I don't feel inadequate or less than. You can make a new "Fail" picture using my face...

If you were a Bond, you'd be Pierce Brosnan, or he'd be you...

You Should make your own string of movies... "Felix Armstrong"

Alan said...

Felix Martin.....too funnie.

Now go shake things up Felix...just don't stir there!

I wonder what name Miss Cecilia's using...if any...??

Ken Armstrong said...

Dear Cecelia: If I was Pierce Brosnan, pursuing handsome action roles, I would have starved years ago. :) But bless you. :)

And Dear Alan: What's so very funny about my middle names? Eh? Eh? :)

I just saw the new movie and am about to post my quick-reaction-review. As I do so, I am reminded of a guy we used to work with, who always used to hum the James Bond tune. Well... not 'hum' exactly, more imitate the guitar - 'Dum Diddle Dum Dum'.

Annoying enough, in itself, but made intolerable by the simple fact that he used to prelude his tune by alway saying these words,

"I said..."

Try it.

"I said: Dum Diddle Dum Dum..."

It lives with you forever. :)

CelloBella said...

I know you are well past commenting on this post but anyway...

Two brilliant matches - both very close and I didn't hear of any biffo...

Could there be a future?

Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Cellobella: Yes at last there *is* a future and I agree - what great fun it was and I would say the same ever if you had caught us, as you came *so* close to doing!

Yay us though!!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

"I said: Dum Diddle Dum Dum..."

In case you didn't know, Ken--this was nod to ABBA:

Dum Dum Diddle is actually a song on the Arrival Album. The same album that owns Dancing Queen and Knowing me, Knowing You.


Anonymous said...

Matt! Of course I knew this, there are no accidents around here!*

(* Ken is bluffing like mad)