Are You the Internet’s Next Top Monster?

Let’s try to get a little Halloween Spirit going okay?

(Ken steps up to podium)

Ever since Michael Myers first pulled on his William Shatner mask.

(It so was a 'Shat-Mask', go and look it up if you don’t believe me.)

Well ever since then, people have celebrated the movie ‘Halloween’ by having a sort of a ‘Halloween Day’ on October 31st.

On that day us good folk in Ireland do a little something called ‘Trick or Threatening’ – you call to your neighbour’s door and say, “Give me all of your sweets or I will feckin’ burst ya.”

It’s a real blast.

So, to inject a little true horror into your virtual after-life, my good friend Bad Evan is having a nice Halloween competition over at his place and it doesn’t take too much effort to join in and possibly bag yourself Five Hundred Real Live Dollars.

That’s right $500! (and a gratuitous exclamation mark too).

What to do? What to do?

I’ll tell you, shall I?

When you’re all dressed up in your scary finery for this ‘Halloween Movie Night’ thing (see above), get your picture taken by somebody you trust (or not) and then email the digital result off to Evan at

Just do it by November 3rd – ‘cos we’ll all be focused heavily on Christmas after that...

The other judges are:

Wisdom Hypnosis
Odd Vantage
Diet Pulpit

And the competition is sponsored by BuyCostumes.

All the gory details (see what I did there?) about this competition are over at Bad Evan’s place.

Go and look for yourself - what am I, your Mummy?

Suffice it for me to say that your truly horrible photo should weigh no more that One Mega Byte (doesn’t Dracula do Mega Bites?) and should contain no nudity so… put that away... go on, just gather it up and tuck it back in… there’s a good girl.

I myself would be cheerfully submitting my famous ‘Jamie Lee Curtis’ outfit – not the one from ‘Halloween’ but rather the one from ‘Trading Places’ (it’s a very fine costume but it gets a tad heavy after a time).

But I can’t enter, I just can’t…

‘Why not?’ I hear you howl. ‘Aruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…’

No, perhaps not…

Anyway, I can’t because I am actually a judge in this contest.

That’s right.

I have been chosen on the basis of my undisputed integrity and my fine-upstanding-reputation in the blogging community at large... and also imprisoned.

So my final point on this matter is simply this…

I can be bribed.

No, really, I can.


Matthew S. Urdan said...

That is too post, although a lot drier, comes out Friday am at the usual bat time and place: 7:00 AM on MTMD.

Cheers, my fellow judge!

Anonymous said...

Damn, when I saw the title on twitter I thought, "Sweet! I get to see Ken in some get-up" but no.. you go on to talk about Bad Evan's contest.

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited about Bad Evan's contest, but seriously I want pictures!

I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Now, now I know you're oirish but get your mind out of the gutter will ya?

Susan at Stony River said...

Bribes, eh? Which do you prefer, chocolate or cash?

Or perhaps cash hidden in chocolate?

I s'pose it's time to drag out the bedsheets and become the Columbia Pictures gal again. Someone pass me a torch...

Debbie said...

as a fellow judge, send me shoes and I will see to it that Ken votes for you!

Anonymous said...

It's about time your undisputed integrity was recognized.

Now, about that bribe.... call me. If you'll sing for a pint, I'm fairly certain I can afford one little bribe.

Anonymous said...

That's a good cash prize, but I don't have a professional photographer. lol,..I'll just be a kibitzer...good luck.

hope said...

Wow, someone in the world is still allowed to have fun? :)

With all the political correctness floating about, I'm not allowed to have a "Halloween Party" for the kids in our After School we have to have a "Fall Festival party". Sigh.

My "big kids", however, are senior citizens who can do what they darn well please. We have a Halloween Costume contest each year at lunch. Hmmm, maybe I'll send in a picture of one of them. :)

Ken Armstrong said...

Hey Matt: Nothing at MTMD is dry, a river runs through it. :)

Reggie: I will try to find a dress-up piccie for you - I know I have a few somewhere...

Susan: We take all major credit cards and there's a crude bartering system in place... 'rather partial to a banana actually. :)

Debbie: You have enough shoes!! Oh God, did I really say that? (Looks around in fear).

(Takes Creamy Pint from Mike)

On Raglan Row on an Autumn's Day
I_I saw her first and knew
that her dark hair might weave a snare that I might someday rue...

Jena: Kebitzer? Off to look it up. :)

Hi Hope: This week in Ireland, Our beloved Seniors turned militant against the budget cuts and it was a glorious sight to behold.

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting....

Canucklehead said...

Everyone knows my price - BEER!

Anyway Ken, it only took me a year but I finally have you on the 'Canucklehead eh list' - that means I'll be by to bug you WAY more often. Sorry it took so long - cheers!

Ken Armstrong said...

Oh Reggie... :)

Canucklehead - Linc - I am very pleased to get a linc from link um linc from... really, though, ta very much :)

Debbie said...

I hope you don't mind, I had my latest shoe bill forwarded to you!

It's not that big......

Alan said...

A judge who wears pumpernickel underwear, or purpa knickers,,,or something like that ...

How can I out do that?

Laura Brown said...

I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was 14. I won best costume then for my hula girl. I had a real grass skirt. Not one of those garbage bag rip-offs.

Anonymous said...

Ken (receives shoe-bill via snail-mail): Bloody hell!

Alan: Come on... you *know* you can!! :)

Laura: As Hula Girl, warms my late-Autumnal morning. :) I *so* love your doodles - if they were on a calendar or something they would be on my wall.

Anonymous said...

Felmar, I've got a dollar bill with your name on it. I mean, I'm not giving it to you, but I did write your name on it. Now vote for my Amy Winehouse pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo Yolander: Keep the money, you get brownie-points for thinking up a new name for me. 'Felmar' eh?

And Amy Winehouse, hmmm, I suspect she may take drugs but I could be wrong...