Ken Pulls a ‘Marlon Brando’ regarding Blog Award and Meme…

In the last few days I’ve been given an award and tagged for a meme. More on both of these good things below.

These two events, and my funny old reaction to them, got me thinking about myself, (what again?) which was useful. I’ll tell you about the ‘thinking’ bit at the end. First the good news.

I am very complimented that Matt Urdan at ‘Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta.’ has selected my little blog for an award. There are obviously millions of blogs out there for him to choose from, so knowing that one of the five he actually chose was mine gives me a nice warm feeling inside, it really does.

It’s called the “Arte y Pico" Award and apparently it was created as part of a tag initiative from the “Arte y Pico" Blog, where you pass along a compliment to other bloggers.

This compliment is made all the better because Matt is a blogger who I particularly admire. I think you can learn as much from a blogger’s comments on other people’s posting as you can from the person’s blog itself.

So let it be with Master Urdan. I have seen Matt, through his comments, here and elsewhere, strongly reflect both his kindness and his enthusiasm. Also (only quite recently) I have witnessed his bravery in unflinchingly saying what he strongly felt in a situation where it would have been infinitely easier to say nothing at all. He also likes ABBA, which is largely forgivable.

Respect to Matt and many thanks.

* * * *

Then Wonderful Kathleen at Poetikat tagged me to list Seven Songs which I am currently into. That’s a bit of good fun so here goes:

Today’s Songs

‘Louisiana 1927’ by Randy Newman (Can’t get this out of my head at the moment)

‘The Look of Love’ sung by Dusty Springfield (I love the songs of Bacharach and David)

‘Lie to Me’ by Tom Waits

‘I saw Her Standing There’ by The Beatles (one… two… three…FOUR!)

‘True Faith’ by New Order

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips


Alexandra Leaving by Leonard Cohen

(This all may change tomorrow)

* * * *

Now here’s the thinking part…

When I got the award and the meme, I was dead pleased, really I was.

But… I did not want to pass them on, uh uh, no way.

So I asked myself why? And, frankly, I bullshitted myself for a few hours. I told myself I did not want to just pick five of the many Bloggers I admire. I told myself it was a deep-seated aversion to anything to do with a ‘chain’, however well-intentioned and harmless it might be. I told myself I was bloody lazy.

There is an element of truth to all these points, a little… not too much.

When I was honest with myself, it was actually quite revealing.

This is what I found to be the truth of the matter. *I hate asking people to do things for me.* I really do. That’s why you may never see a guest blog on this page.

To take it a step further – I also feel a strong moral obligation do try my best to do whatever anyone ever asks me to do. I think these two attributes are related but I haven’t quite figured out how yet. I’ll continue to chew on it for awhile.

So thanks guys, for awards and memes, for friendship and for compliments and, most of all, for empowering me to cast a cold eye on myself.

By the way, I won’t be passing on the award and the meme as the rules demand…

Go figure!



Anonymous said...

Wow...not passing along the award as the rules require...isn't that like seven years of bad luck?


Kat Mortensen said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award.
No need to pass along the meme - just having fun with it is what matters.
I see things periodically that I think are nice little diversions (when I don't feel like posting something I've written, or the Muse is unavailable). I was curious to see the kinds of music that touch you. They were all very interesting. I used to dance my heart out to New Order.


Jena Isle said...

A surprisingly candid post Ken, I laud you for that; so you must be wondering why I can be so brave to request you for a guest post.

Let me be candid too (grins). It is because I admire your stories a lot. (They are like droplets of rain that leaves one refreshed) and my primary motivation is that I wanted other readers to also read them.,,and enjoy your stories; at the same time I won't be honest if I won't say, that secondly, it brings traffic to my site.

Your blog is so good and I wanted to spread the word.

Thanks for sharing....Keep posting.

Jena Isle said...

I am not sure if my first post was valid because I have accidentally clicked the stop keys.

Let me repeat it though.

Your post is surprisingly candid and I laud you for that; so probably you were wondering what prompted me to invite you as a guest blogger.

Let me be candid too, I enjoyed your stories so much, (they are like raindrops on a humid day -refreshing) and my primary motivation was to spread the word.

Your posts are so good, they should be read by more readers. I'm not saying you don't have many readers. You do, but the blogging world is so large, there are still readers out there who may miss the chance of reading such brilliant posts... I won't be honest if I don't accept that, secondly, your guesting will surely bring traffic to my post.
Thanks for that. (grins)

And , I too, don't usually pass on these memes. In this aspect, I don't feel comfortable too passing on something that may not be welcomed by the receiver, and I understand absolutely your sentiments.

Thanks for sharing and happy blogging.

Jim Murdoch said...

I'm with you all the way on this. I've seen a few of these awards when part of the thing is to pass the thing onto as many as ten other people. This really devalues any worth the thing might've had in the first place. That said, no damn bugger's seen fit to send me one, have they?

On the songs… Only one Tom Waits? But you're like me, every day another five. When my wife and I were getting to know each other we'd do Top 10 lists and I usually gave up on my film and music lists about the 50 mark.

And guest blogs… There was a time I would never have asked but I'm trying to be good and get into the swing of things. Just coping with all the comments and trying to think of something witty and interesting to say is hard enough. I really am an antisocial pig at heart.

Rachel Fox said...

We all use blogs in our own way and for own reasons and I think it's important to be as honest as possible and only do things when you want to. Otherwise it all gets far too Seinfeld for words.

'Louisiana' song is fantastic. Very good version of it on latest Martin Simpson CD. He is English but still good. I'm not completely racked with self-loathing.

On being brave and adding comments...Every now and again I put something somewhere that I know will make certain types of people think I am a complete idiot but I believe it and think it's (a bit) important so put it anyway. It feels good - a bit scarey but what's the worst that can happen....?

CelloBella said...

I actually started an award once. I saw all these cute awards but none expressed how I felt about this particular blogger so I made one up. No rules - just if you wanted to award it to do so.

I don't like rules much.

Wondering though... I bet you don't call garda sir either!

Azure Accessories said...

Congratulations on your I truly think of it as such for it was given in that spirit!

I just received two and am thrilled but I do worry about passing them along to someone who I feel is deserving but doesn't like the idea of then passing it along to others,leaving them feeling annoyed...those who receive these awards should feel as though they have a choice to do as they feel comfortable doing...I think I may add something to like that to this next batch that I send out...let them enjoy the award with out feeling pressure!

Enjoy your day...


hope said...

Twas "dead pleased" a Freudian slip? Seems like too many awards are presented to folks with one foot in the grave or already there. Perhaps passing the award on makes it seem like your usefulness has passed. It hasn't...we need you to keep writing. Torch passing not mandatory.

Ironically, I received an e-mail this morning about people who make a difference. It came with one of those heart string tugging stories but what surprised me was the sender, someone I only know a little, tagged it with, "You make a difference."

Quite unexpected for a Monday morning. :)

I'd say all of you here make a difference in your own way. And Jim, I so understand the "anti-social" comment. Sometimes I think I write because, unlike speaking, no one interrupts your train of thought. ;)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Roxy, you only get seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror.

Hope, Great comments, but I'd like to note, that even when writing without interruption, especially the older we get, sometimes our train of thought does indeed get derailed. ;)


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Ken, thanks for the kind words and the sentiments! I'm most flattered.

When I receive tags for memes, I usually fulfill them at some point, although rarely immediately, out of the "goodwill towards man" ethic that usually resides in the blogosphere. If someone has tagged me, I feel I need to respond because the blogosphere is built on interactivity, comments, deep links, blogrolls, and other such things. My thoughts are that if someone is going to link to me anywhere, take the time to comment on my blog, etc; and if I'm going to reciprocate in any way by participating in the same ways, then tags and memes are fair game. That's why I participate in Wordless Wednesdays---first, I like the idea, but secondly, I modify it for my own purposes, call it "Almost" and add words--which I've noticed others are starting to do as well.

But in general, I really don't like tags, so I violate the rules and never pass them along. It's cool that someone wants to tag me and I have friends and participate in the blogosphere, but there are demands on my time in real life, as I know there are in others, and I think a tag is a bit of an intrusion. Tags are often mundane, silly, too personal, or really out of character of most blogs that are not personal diaries. I understand they're meant to strengthen ties and help other bloggers get to know each other, but many of them are so out of character of most blogs that they really don't belong, and I believe can give a wrong first impression for those stumbling across a blog for the first time.

Blogging is an individual and personal activity--other than professional blogs, but even with a team of bloggers, it's still close--and a blogger has to determine what's right for him or her using his or her own decision making process.

I totally respect you're choice not to participate. I'm actually in a quandary of my own since I just received a second Pico y Arte award, and I've already made my choices.

Have a great day, Mate! And again, thanks for so many awesome words!

Ken Armstrong said...

Roxy: what *another* seven?? :)

Kat: I'm really glad you passed the music thing to me - I listened to all the tunes right after typing them up and it was Great!! That 'New Order song' is just the Shizz, isn't it?

Jen: I should clarify, I greatly enjoy guest blogging and no GB experience has been better than on your own wonderful blog... and now you've got Francis (if any of you haven't been over at Jen's for the newest Guest Blog, you should go, it's really great.

Jim: If I hadn't been so bloody miserable on the subject, you would definitely have been in my top five. That's it with the compliments for this year, no more. BTW - another fine Dr Who, wasn't it?

Rachel: I also enjoy the frankness of many of your comments and would place you in Matt's company in this regard... but how are you on ABBA?

Cellobella: you were the first to tag me with a meme and it really was a bit of a positive milestone in my short blogging experience. I threw a little more humour into that post that I had been doing previously and so enjoyed the feedback that I've tried to continue doing it. So cheers for that mate!

Hope: I sometimes fear my entire life is a Freudean slip. as my dear old Mum used to say, "every time I open my mouth, I put my foot in it."

Matt: You're welcome man, I imagine if you were in a quandry you would promptly paddle your way back out of it.

Azure Islands Design: Two awards already!! (mutters, 'comes around here bragging...). Seriously though, it *is* all about the spirit in which it is given, that's why I'm really chuffed with mine.

Jim Murdoch said...

Thanks for that, Ken, and yes, it was a superb episode and next week's looks as if it might even top it. The big question is: What the hell could they possibly do for the last episode then? Nice to see Donna in the centre ring this time too and she really wasn't overshadowed by the return of Rambo-Rose. Very impressed with Tate's performance I was.

Rachel Fox said...

OK - it's honesty week.

I liked ABBA when I was 10. I liked them quite a lot. I saw the movie when I was..12...and loved it. Then I grew up...well, bits of me did.

I imagine if my small girl ever gets Mamamiamania I will relive some of this part of twilight childhood. It will probably be fun.


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing on one of my blogs. I don't do well with tags and if I get an award I hope it is for something great not just because someone had to scratch their head to figure out who to give it to so I had to politely decline, but I did give a link back to the two nice ladies that thought of me.

Unknown said...

When I got my first award ( I only got three) I was no way in hell passing it on. It was mine, is mine and always will be mine. I am selfish like that. Brought tears to my old green eyes it did. I am thinking of a new avatar for your entrecard LOL

Laura Brown said...

I don't like asking for help or anything from other people either. But I did pick 5 other bloggers to pass the award on to. Nice to give people something positive. Also, to promote some of the blogs I really like, not all EC bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Dam I got this Arte y Pico Award the other day too. and I have NO idea what to do with it !
I haven't even written back because I am a little embarrassed that I do not know what to do with it..
Shoot me a email will you Ken - via the mail box with the bird crapping on it on my blog :P

Fiendish said...

‘The Look of Love,' ‘I Saw Her Standing There,' ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,' AND 'Alexandra Leaving'?!

Quality songs, man.

I think you can do a meme without being tagged for it. And you know what? I just might.

Congrats on the award too, of course :)

Kimmie said...

Congratulations on the Award Ken!

I cringe at tagging memes. I usually don't tag, I just say something like go ahead and snag it if you would like to play. I just get a weird feeling picking certain people out of my circle of friends. I don't like to think that others might wonder why I didn't pick them, so I just skip it altogether. I do like to play alot of them though.

You have a great blog, I have much to get caught up on, but I am happy I stumbled upon you. I will be back to visit and continue to read the posts I haven't gotten to yet.

Anonymous said...


As you already did your Pico, please don't worry about doing another one. We at PlotDog Press just wanted to show our appreciation of your support!


PlotDog Press

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks Kimmie, I appreciate the time you spent with my post today! Do come back again - I'm going to get into some of those other comments later on - I look forward to it.

Plotdog, when one of my fave writing blogs decides to compliment me, then I am complimented indeed! Thanks very much. I saw this last night and resolved to reply to it in my upcoming Plotdog post (tomorrow night).

Thank You, Thank You! :)

Fiendish, if you think my music choices are good, then I know they are! Break a leg tomorrow eve... 'will be there only in spirit, alas.