Blogging All Over the World..with Jen

I'm guest posting today. I hope you will go and visit with Jen, my very-gracious hostess.

Please click here.

When I started blogging, I had hoped I might reach some people at a great geographical distance to myself. One of the very best bloggers who comes visiting from across the world is Jenaisle. She is always encouraging, invariably kind and she keeps a number of very remarkable blogs of her own.

In the few guest posts I have done, I try to provide something that is in keeping with the content of the blog I am visiting.

I knew I would have to do a new memory-story for my spot on Gewgaw Writings so that's what I did. As is often the case, it concerns a fairly stupid thing I did , the difference being - this one is recent... too darn recent!

That's why I called it 'Still Stupid After All These Years.' I hope my misfortune raises a grin.

Thanks to Jen for asking me to post.

Working it all out with her has been a genuine pleasure.


Jena Isle said...

The pleasure is mine Ken, thanks for being my guest blogger.

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks. :)

I *love* this fence post picture, doesn't it have an amazing 3D quality to it? Kudos to the photographer - click on the photo and you can see some more of his work.

Marion McCready said...

Ouchy, that made me laugh and I love the fence post pic also!

hope said...

It just doesn't seem right to laugh and enjoy a story this much. :) Then again, considering what happened when I tried to fix a treadmill 2 weeks ago that I thought was still unplugged.... let's just say I feel your pain. My ribs remained in tact but my knees weren't happy. At least the bruising was colorful.

I'll be sure to visit you again. Who knew blogs could be like an instant vacation from reality with a dash of humor? :)

Anonymous said...

Heading over to view the post now. Can't wait!

Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Sorlil, 'makes my day when someone laughs so thanks for that, great blog you have too!

Hope, your treadmill story sounds like it's worth getting out there - I can't be alone in all this confessed pain.

Emily (I can't call you two write hands (but I will if you want) thanks for kind words both here and there - great new widget thingie - congrats! :)

tashabud said...

Hi it's me again. I read about your mishap in your posting at
Gewgaw Writings.

Rachel Fox said...

Now what you need is two daft friends and you can do 'Last of the Summer Wine' (younger and more Irish version). I see you falling down hills, getting caught up in ladies' laundry (huge bloomers please) and ending up headfirst in wheelbarrows full of manure. I'm sure you can manage it...

Kat Mortensen said...

I've added you to my Firefox Speed Dial so I can make sure not to miss your fantastic stuff!

Great story. I loved every minute of it! (Sorry it was at your expense.)


Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Tasha, you've come over here to prod my ribs a bit, go on admit it :) Well, join the queue, it's over there beside that fence.

Cool Rachel, I want to be Compo, he got all the best stunts... plis Nora Batty.

Hi Kat WATCH OUT!! BAM! Oops, Irish Drivers! Nip over to Kat's place - you'll see what I mean.

hope said...

Pain is bad. Humiliation is worse. A sense of humor cures all. This one is dedicated to you. :)

Anonymous said...

I read your guest post and it was a great read! I am sorry that I laughed at your misfortune and I'm sure it wasn't funny until you realised you were okay!

It's a very well told story! If you would like to do a post about writing fiction and such on my site let me know! :D

Ken Armstrong said...

I enjoyed that Hope, thanks! (go to Hope's link above and have a look - I am not alone!! :)

Hi Sarah, I enjoy your blog a lot. Can I come back to you on that one? A 'rain-check'thingie?? I appreciate the offer and would like to take you up on it soon.