William Gallagher's New Blogging Book

My good pal William Gallagher has written a new book about blogging. How to do it, why do it, all of that good stuff. There is no better man to write a book like this and, if you want to blog or blog better (and who doesn’t?) you should get hold of it. 

It’s out today. That’s a photo of the cover right there. I kid you not. He writes a little about this book on his blog today, which is appropriate and ironic all at the same time. Here’s a link to that post:

But get this: just because I (allegedly) made some minuscule contribution to this book, William says I can actually offer you a 40% discount on it. This is fun for me because I’ve never had an offer to offer before. I feel quite giddy and may have to sit down for a spell. 

Wait, there’s a catch. I can only offer this offer if I also include this quote from him. 

“Ken’s weekly blog is the reason I got into blogging regularly and it’s the reason I wrote this book. I want to write like he does and I love that I got him to talk to us about what exactly he does.”

Bah. There’s always something. He’s being too kind, of course. He can’t help it. It’s in his nature

You can buy the paperback and kindle editions at Amazon http://bit.ly/amazon-uk-blogging-book but he’s  also done a special PDF edition and, because I’m in it, you can have it for 40% off. Use the discount code “ken” at http://bit.ly/blogging-book

An offer… can you believe it?

William is well worth reading. He knows his stuff. He has spent a lot of time in the world of professional writing and he’s picked up a lot along the way. It’s a good reason to read his latest book. 

But, as well as a good reason, there is also a great reason. William is just a great guy. He is driven to write, something we have in common, and he approaches everything he does with a totally original combination of warmth, humour, attention to detail, and solid unwavering backbone. William is the writer we should be, taking joy and encouragement from his successes while shrugging off whatever setbacks may arise and soldiering on regardless.

He is also generous to a fault, as can be witnessed from the ludicrously kind thing he made me type above.

I wish William every success with his new book. I’ve been blogging for quite a while now and I get all of the fulfillment, hatred, frustration, creativity, companionship, loneliness, inspiration, pain and joy that I could wish for from doing it.

Go on, William, show us how it’s done. 

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Jim Murdoch said...

I won’t be buying the book, Ken, but I have subscribed to William’s blog. How come you’ve never written a post on TV intros? I would’ve thought that would’ve been right down your street. (If you have and I’ve forgotten I apologise but you know what my memory’s like.) I’ve not commented on your Spectre post either as I haven’t seen the film, probably will never see the film and, well, we’ve talked about me and Bond before.

I do wish William well with his wee book. Blogging, as you and I know, is not what it used to be. I still think it’s one of the better things the Internet’s throw up and wish there were more out there I actually wanted to read on a regular basis. As I said I subscribed to William’s blog but I couldn’t tell you when the last one before that was. A long time. And most of those I am subscribed to never (or very rarely) post. It’s hard. Not at first. At first—it’s like a band’s first album—there’s so much material to pick from and then a year passes and then two and you start to realise you’re nowhere near as interesting or informed as you thought you were.

They (they know who they are) used to make a big deal about a blog as a platform to other things. I think most of us have realised that’s not the case. I think a blog has to be its own thing. Sure, stick links to your books in a side column but be realistic: no one looks there. As a marketplace blogs suck. As a place to build friendships, that is another thing.