Many Dishes to Wash

(After Jimmy Cliff)

Many dishes to wash.
And I don't know just when it will be over.
The Fairy liquid is lost.
So I'm having to scrub.
Them with Rover.

And this kitchen-mess won't leave me alone.
Is there no service that I can phone?
I left it too late and I don't know why
Plus there's no-one here to dry. 

(I got)

Many dishes to wash.
But just where to begin, the decision is mine
It's one of those times that I find myself
Thinkin' of resorting to cryin'

And I'd really like to go to my bed
Got a pain right there inside of my head
Can't I leave them til the mornin' comes?
When I could wash them in the sun?

(I got)

Many dishes to wash
And it's only my will that keeps me from bawlin'
Stood at this sink; washed-up for years
and I stand here alone
Only hope I don't fall in.

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