Sunny in The Drive

This old life is pretty tricky
at the same time good and bad.
Monstrous but righteous
wonderful but sad.

All that I can say for sure
is I’m glad to be alive
while it’s rainin’ in the garden
and sunny in the drive

You gotta know your blessings
count them one by one
'cos your curses are all lined up
and they’ll wait to have their fun

You’re living life and lovin’ it.
You’re struggling to survive.
It’s rainin’ in your garden
and sunny in your drive

No one said it would be easy.
No one said it would be hard.
No one said it could be raining
while it’s sunny in the yard

Just do the best you can do.
Keep yourself alive
when the rain’s out in the garden
and the sun’s out in the drive

© Ken Armstrong 2011 (after a Warren Bennett Tweet)

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