Ming is off the Blow

I’ve weathered every storm so far
But I think it’s time to go
This Country must be closing down
Cos Ming is off The Blow.

The Celtic Tiger came and went
A rather fleeting show
But the curtain’s surely falling
Now that Ming is off the Blow.

I dealt with wild corruption
And every dirty deed
But I cannot bear to bear this news
That Ming’s gone off his weed.

I’m leaving now, I’ll get the lights
Or at least I’ll turn them low
What use is there in hanging round
If Ming is off the Blow?



Jim Murdoch said...

Wonderful! Who's Ming?

Ken Armstrong said...

:) A bit of Doggerel.

Luke 'Ming' Fanagan was elected to be a TD (MP) recently. His long-standing public admission of Marijuana usage came to an abrupt end on National Radio the other evening.

I felt the need to mark the occasion in some manner. :)