More About The Song – Poems by Rachel Fox

Rachel Fox has a great blog and, if you don’t go there regularly, then you really should. Click this link and see.

Go on, I’ll still be here when you come back. I’ll just do a bit of tidying…

Rachel also has a new book of poems published and I wanted it so, like Paul Simon in his song, “I sent away… and I waited till it came”.

It is such a lovely book, really. I keep it on my desk and pick it up and read a poem or three now and again.

It does me good, I feel.

Here’s a little poem, reproduced with The Author’s kind permission:

Short Love
I loved you for three weeks
Or maybe longer
It may seem a short love
But it was stronger
Than you might imagine
From its length

Rachel writes stories and songs, she also blogs about her life on the Angus Coast in Scotland. One can’t help feel though, that in her heart, she is a poet. She is also a very accessible poet. The tools of her trade are honesty, forthrightness, humour… and music.

I think it is this latter quality to her writing which draws me in more the most – the sheer musicality of it. I find a song-like quality to many of the poems I have read and many more of them respect and reference the music she has known along her way.

The sisters said it best
I’ve always been
Lost in music
It’s never felt
Like a trap

It’s always felt
Just the right place
To wander loose
Off the track

Here I go now
Lost in music
I’m not sure if
I’ll be back

And don’t go making the mistake of thinking Rachel is a ‘fuddy-duddy up-her-own-arse’ type of a poet either. If her blog is anything to go by, and of course it is, Rachel has lived life to the full. She has had her early wild years of clubbing, DJ ing and God-knows-what else while now she paints an attractive picture of the gently-maturing-parent with the odd dash of irresponsibility thrown in.

Her book is a lovely thing. There’s some more stuff about it here and lots more poems to read (and hear) here. You can (and should) buy the book from here or Amazon.

And then there’s that blog… put in your reader, or bookmark or whatever-the-hell you use, I’d like to bet it won’t come back out anytime soon.

I have sometimes feared that I may suffer from Metrophobia. No, I love big cities, this is actually a fear of poetry.

The Poet-Bloggers I have come to know, over the last while, have helped me get over that. I think it helps me to appreciate the poetry when I see a little of the poets lives and preoccupations set down in their Blog-Posts. It gives me a little context for their work.

Perhaps it means I read their poetry all wrong – making it more about the singer than the song. But at least I’m reading, touching and being touched. That’s a start, eh?

I want to thank some of those Blogger-Poets who have helped me to peek inside the door to their minds.

Rachel Fox


Dave King

Francis Scudellari

Catherine Sharp

Kat Mortensen

And most recently - Maguire

And of course, the amazing Jim Murdoch who is the dour miserable old sod with the most glowing, humorous, poetic heart in the whole wide world.

Go and have a look at what they do. If one of them doesn’t touch you, another surely will.

That’s the way it is with poets.


Kat Mortensen said...

Oh, you know we DO love Rachel, don't we? I am fortunate that she sent me a copy of her poetry book and I keep it on my bedside table where I can regularly delve into it. It is great stuff - so fresh and real - not fuddy-duddyish at all! She gives me hope that one day I may even have a book that you can post here, Ken.

For now, I'm content to bask (that word just looks wrong, for some reason) in her wondrous ability (yes!) and be part of your list of admirable poets. We are, I'm sure, delighted to be instrumental in allaying your fears about poetry. I'm proud to be included, especially since I hold you yourself in great esteem.


Jim Murdoch said...

A bit of a mixed message there, our Ken. Remind me never to hire you to do my PR.

Jena Isle said...

These are good poetrs Ken. Why don't you add your name too?

Happy blogging.

Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Kat: I think 'bask' is good - a sort of benevolent poetic shark :) I look forward to posting about your book some day soon...

Hi Jim: You *know* you are the tops in my book - I'm just joshin' with ya. :)

Thanks Jena: if ever I write a poem, I'll come back and edit this post. :)

How about 200 EC to the person who tells me which Paul Simon song I'm almost quoting? eh?

Anonymous said...

Hm.. yes, I quite like Rachel's poetry. Makes me miss writing poetry; this also makes me excited for when I can get my portfolio up and start writing poetry again.

Hi Ken!

Susan at Stony River said...

Beautiful stuff! I like music in poetry too, and too often it's just not there these days--I've given up on a few journals I used to like. Adding a personality like Rachel's is even better--thanks for the link!

Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Reggie, I didn't know you wrote poetry (did I?) Is there any on the blog - links please!

Hi Susan, if you and Rachel don't know each other (virtually) of course, then this post would be valuable if all it ever did was introduce you - two great writers and marvelous human beings, say hello to each other. :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like Rachel's blog and her poetry too. Accessibility is I think very important in poetry and in the 'mainstream poetry world' ie off-blog it is all too often missing these days. Much of the best poetry can be found in blogs these days...

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Ken for putting this up (and I love the idea of living on your desk!) Thanks to Kat too for loving me (all you need is love, right?)...and look I'm on her bedside table...even better! And before this turns into a Gwyneth Paltrow oscar speech may I just say that yes, CGP, I know what you mean about off-blog poetry (what a great term). I have tried to immerse myself in the poetry world but a lot of it is cold, cold water that just makes me want to jump right back out! Not all of it of course but some...some...

Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Crafty Green Poet: Rachel know's what you mean (see above) :)

Of course, you're welcome Rachel. :)

Hey, I'm on Kat's beside table too, scooch over a bit, mind that glass of water though...

Rachel Fox said...

Who says it's water...

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

Just seen this - and thank you for the mention in such a good list! I need to read some more of those I'm not familiar with.
(However, I don't think I'll ever have a poetry book out. Maybe someday the novel though?)