I Like to Like Things (Lyric)

I like to like things
that other people don’t.
I like to go places
that other people won’t.

‘Cos when all is said and done,
and the truth is there to see,
the things I like that you don’t
are the things that make me ‘me’.

I like to be smiling
when other guys are not.
Where others will take nothing
I like to take the lot.

‘Cos when the party’s over
I’d like you to agree
The times that I was smiling
Were the times that made me ‘me’.

I like to love the people
where love is hard to find.
When kindness is in short supply
I like to just be kind.

‘Cos when my time is done here,
and they come to lay me down,
the love that I once showed
might be the part that sticks around.

Ken Armstrong (Aug 2015)

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