Weeping Earlobe

You went and left me high and dry
Now all that I can do is cry
Those Earrings you gave me were not real
I just don’t know how I should feel
I guess this is goodbye
Weeping Earlobe, Weeping Eye

You said we’d last until we’d die
Please can’t we have just one more try?
Your jewellery was just not the deal
My facial skin’s about to peel
I thought you were the guy
Weeping Earlobe, Weeping Eye

I thought your promises were gold
Your gifted earrings too
But now I know you were just cold
My ears provide the clue

I cannot help but ask you why
My every breath is but a sigh.
I’m crying huge and salty tears
From out my eyes and out my ears
Why did you have to lie?
Weeping Earlobe, Weeping Eye

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