Flying Ants

(To the tune of 'Run to Me' by the Bee Gees)

You know that you better lay low
The party is on but you better not show
The evening skies
are buzzin’ not with flies
But Flying Ants

And when you’ve already bought booze
Checked on the weather right after the news
It’s such a shame
to be called off-of your game
By Flying Ants

Flying Ants
I know that they hate me
Flying Ants
They’ve already ate me
In my pants
I know they await me
Oh curse you. You flying ants.

And there you are just making your plans
You feel that your fate is safe in your own hands
You better think twice.
The outside’s not so nice.
There’s Flying Ants

And tomorrow they’ll be all gone away
That’s no use to me cos I’m stuck in today
My lovely date
is gonna have to wait
For Flying Ants

Flying Ants
You’re totally hateful
Flying Ants
I’ve had me a plate full
Tonight I know
I will remain faithful
I’m trapped here by flying ants.

(c) Ken Armstrong 2012

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