The Free Squirt

I should have left it ‘til the evening
To tell you how I cared
But enthusiasm beat me
I grabbed the bus to see you there.

I searched for you at LancĂ´me
at Gucci and Dior
and found you in Armani
Where I broadcast my Amour.

Debenhams is not the place
to find out that you’re through,
to see your passion withered
and get thrown back at you.

Your coldness froze me to my core,
your words were at best curt
Still, the perfume girl did give me
A really nice free squirt.

    *    *    *    *

There always is a bright side
When thunder clouds appear
The bus driver said that I smelled nice
And only took a teenage fare.

It’s best I found your darker side
Before we settled down
Just a shame I had to do it.
Saturday afternoon in town.

I’m meeting with the perfume girl
this evening for tea.
I hope she likes the aftershave
she first squirted  at me.

She seems to like me well enough.
To her I’m more than dirt
and maybe there will even be
another nice free squirt.

© Ken Armstrong 2012

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