Beyond Disappointed

Though my friends never ask
if I’m over you yet.
The question is there
just the same.
I can see it sitting
in back of their eyes.
A fear that dares not speak its name.

I stand there and ask
the same thing of myself.
Am I finally free of your spell?
Have I now wriggled out
of the web that you wove
Round my head and my poor heart as well?

I’m over the panic,
the horror, the pain
I’m over the hurting part too.
And now there’s one final hill I’ve successfully climbed.
I’m beyond disappointed with you

You can say what you like
You can see who you want
Those things cannot hurt me no more.
I’m over the aching
That you left behind.
All the sadness that dogged me before

So next time they ask me
that thing with their eyes
I’ll say it out loud cos it’s true.
I’m over the worst
of the damage you caused
And beyond disappointed with you.

(c) Ken Armstrong 2012

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