Lights, Camera…

Down through the years I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a number of my plays produced for Radio and Theatre and that, I can tell, you is an enormously satisfying thing.

But the overriding dream, ever since I was a nipper, has been the Movies.

Oh yes, the Movies.

Failing getting to play James Bond (I know... I know...), my dream has always been to be able to write movies and then get to see them flicker up on the big screen. In pursuit of this dream, I’ve studied the subject quite attentively and written quite a few screenplays to date. But, also to date, that screen has not flickered for me.

Until now, that is.

Because now, I am proud-as-punch to type, my short film script ‘Channel 31’ goes into production in Galway in very early July. I suppose I have been happier about some other things in the past… but not too many.

'Channel 31' will be directed by Dermot Tynan for his own company Claddagh Films. It will star Conor Irwin, Cora Fenton, Pat Collins and Owen Mulhall. I will fill in more details of cast and crew later. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a post from the set and show you some of the stuff that will be going on there.

The film started its life as a radio script in London back in the Eighties. It was then produced by IRDP and directed by Tim Crook and I have always been extremely happy with the resultant radio play. The story is a weird cross between Edgar Allan Poe and Smokey and the Bandit and I cannot wait to see how it all pans out on screen.

So thanks to Dermot and Lara for taking this homeless puppy in (the screenplay, that is, not me) and here’s wishing you a fun and rewarding shoot. I’ll get to do all the things the writer is required to do on set (Milk? Sugar?) and I predict I will be a wide-eyed youth again in the face of all this cinematic excitement.

Dermot and I have worked together on some full length screenplays too – ‘An Autumn Affair’ and ‘Packy’s Cousin’ are two I particularly like – and the treatment we are currently beating each other up over is, literally, a blast.

So maybe there’s more movie-making down the road?

Let’s do this one first… and then see.


Rachel Fox said...

First of many, I'm sure of it.

catswiththumbs said...

Yes, I can see it clearly - "I'd like to thank all the little people I haven't the time for these days . . ." We want movie t-shirts. Oh - congrats:)

Aerté Du Draumr said...

Well done Ken that rocks

Lyndi said...

Wow, I know someone who has made it into the movies. Congratulations. A bottle of champagne would not be out of place about now.

tata said...

Congrats to you. Well deserved :)

hope said...

Lyndi beat me to it...I can now add "Movie Man" to my list of Famous Friends who are Poets and Writers.

Can't wait for the follow-ups! {And thanks for keeping JJ Abrams away from it so I don't have to revisit that "Cloverfield" cinematography!] ;)

Jim Murdoch said...

Jammy bugger.

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow and wow, congratulations! Edgar and Smokey; too intriguing, I've got to know more. Good luck with the production end and let us know when/where we can see!

Jena Isle said...

This is awesome Ken, you've finally made it! Hollywood, here comes Ken!
Good luck in all your future endeavors. I hope I'll still get my book with the fresh signature, as promised? (winks)

Anonymous said...

Ken - Congratulations! And thank goodness for the american guide to british english. . . because I would have wondered what Jim's 'jammy bugger' meant all day today. I am sure there will be many more films to follow. Wow that is great news. Thanks for sharing it.

Laura Brown said...

Congratulations. That sure is pretty sweet. Now I will finally know a famous Irish writer. :)

dermot tynan said...

Looking forward to it too, Ken!

A little over three weeks to principal photography and the preparations are beginning to reach fever pitch (no, not the movie, the expression).

See you on the 1st.

Reese said...

That's wonderful, Ken. Congratulations.

Ken Armstrong said...

Rachel: I wish I was. Thanks though, I like that.

Catswiththumbs: T-Shirts... hadn't thought of that. Der! Can I have a T-Shirt??

Vincent: Ahhhhhhhhhh! I know who you are now... welcome, welcome indeed. :)

Lyndi: Champagne... T-Shirt... this could be good.

Tata: Always lovely to see you. I was planning a new Tom Waits post just to entice you... :)

Hope: JJ is coming in to rock the camera a bit.

Jim: Yup. You said it. :)

Susan: Thanks. We'll all go and see it. Popcorn on me. :)

Jena Isle: I won't forget you Jen, never, sorry for being slow. :)

Koe: Yes, Jammy Bugger does sound a bit off now that you mention it.

Laura: Not yet you don't. But we're working on it.

Der: Thanks. (Der is THE DIRECTOR) behave... :)

Reese: It is rather wonderful, isn't it? :)

dermot tynan said...


Hmmm, better talk to Lara on that one. I know she was talking about it, but between gravestones, coffins, CB radios, and who knows what else you put in the script, they're probably a bit down the priorities list.

Get your "advance orders" in now, eh?

That reminds me - I owe someone a Claddagh Films T-Shirt for the last, uh, six years or so? Better get on it, I guess...

Canucklehead said...

Great news Ken - congrats. I will keep an open for it at next years Oscars.


Øyvind said...

Congratz Ken this is great news!

I can't wait to hear more of this.

Kat Mortensen said...

How excellent! Maybe I'll even get to see it over here (if someone with any sense sees fit to pick it up). Or say, if you win an Oscar for Best Short and it is released on dvd.

Claddagh films sounds familiar. Anything else of theirs I might know?

(Off to look up the cast on Imdb now.)


Cellobella said...

Wow! That is so great!
Looking forward to Cannes already.

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks guys. A great start was made yesterday. The stuff that dreams are made on... no doubt.