Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

(Busy week! Here's a little thing I wrote in praise of one of my favorite movies... new post tomorrow.)

Although this movie is included on my mental list of much-liked movies, I had never actually seen it - until today.

I had seen a goodly-section of it, on FilmFour one night, and had liked it a lot. So I taped it on a subsequent evening and put it with the sizable pile of things I have to watch.

So, today, left to my own devices, I knew this was the one I wanted to watch.

As people who know me will know, I can't do a 'Top Ten Movie' thing 'cos there are too many movies and not enough digits. But, man, whatever that Top Ten might be, this film has gone straight into it.

I'm not going to do the 'review' thing on it. I just completely loved it from start to finish.

If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend you do and if you have well... did you like it like I did or am I just in some silly groove today?

Write Back, guys, let me know.


fragileheart said...

I can't recall the circumstances that led to watching this movie but I was very glad that I did. I was never a 'fan' of Jim Carey but I thought he was brilliant. Always been a fan of Kate Winslet and of course, she was also brilliant. Love the cinematography and the music.

The only thing I don't like about this movie is that I don't own it yet on DVD.


tata said...

I adored it. It was beautifully done. Definitely one of my favorites.

Jena Isle said...

I have watched this movie and I stopped for a while to absorb the concept that was introduced. It was of course impossible to happen in the real world.

But all in all, I am a romantic so I enjoyed the movie.

Susan at Stony River said...

I read a review of this a long time ago and loved the premise; never have seen it yet however.

Ok, you've bumped it way up my must-see list LOL. I'll get on it.

You're not posting much lately--busy or something?? How's the film going?

Rachel Fox said...

I was very wary of this film...not keen on most Carey films, over-Winsleted, not a fan of Kaufman ('Being John M' and 'Adaptation' overrated.. for my taste...quirky is not necessarily interesting...) I put off watching 'ESOTSM' for ages. Then I watched it...and really liked it. Hurray!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this movie. It is so sweet and artfully done.

Susan at Stony River said...

Found another review, er veriew, of this, over here. Now I've GOT to see it.

Ken Armstrong said...

Fragileheart: perhaps I recommended it to you? : )

tata: We have zimilar tastes... have you noticed? :)

Jena Isle: This from the gal who adores Star Wars (as we all do) :)

Susan: you should see it, really.

It's been busy, yes, but I'm coming back on schedule now so watch out for regular nonsense. :)

Rachel: Hurray indeed. I thought you would like it you are smart and kind and...

carlae: Yah. People agree with me. Can I have one hater please, just for fun??

Susan (2) : Now that's a review. :)

Jim Murdoch said...

There are very few films I say have made me feel physically sick. This was one. Let me explain. Carrie and I went to see this in the cinema but we had seats that were a bit too close to the screen and by the end of the film I was left feeling quite ill. It's all to do with the camera movement. I've only seen a few minutes of The Blair Witch Project but I expect that it would have the same effect on me. Other than that, loved it.

hope said...

Jim Carey is much easier to take in roles like this vs. his over the top crazy comedy people.

I liked it...hubby hated it. That help for the haters' column? :)

Dominic Rivron said...

I'll try to remember it - but Bladerunner is still sat here waiting to be watched! Busy, busy, busy...

Connect with your Teens said...

I loved this movie. Saw it new in the movie theater and then bought the DVD.

Laura Brown said...

I didn't hear about this one until reading your post. I'm not a movie buff. I did watch 'The Butterfly Effect' with Ashton Kutcher last night. I had read the book before and thought the movie was pretty good. It's ages since I read the book but the movie brought a lot of it back for me.