Going To See The River Man, Going to Tell Him All I Can…

Matt at Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta has asked my to Guest Blog today. This makes me as happy as a happy person who took a happy pill… but didn’t actually swallow it, just sucked it for a while then spat it back out.

What am I writing about over there?

Damned if I know. If you figure it out, you might fill me in.

If you don’t know Matt’s Blog, for Shame! Be sure to prowl around a bit while you're there. You might get splashed but you’ll dry out fairly quickly.

(This great photo by Denis Collette, click on it to see more of his work)

Oh and, as I do sometimes, I offer 100EC’s to the first commenter who identifies the songwriter/singer of the lyric in the title without Googling it.

I have made a bet with myself who will win this, so try to surprise me.

Then listen to the song.

It’s a nice song.

Thanks Matt!!


Anonymous said...

I am giving up already on the start, just wanted to say that these lyrics have reminded me of a song of my favorite band Morphine. The name of the song is "Other side".

Rachel Fox said...

If you mean the title of this blog (rather than the one on Matt's) then it's Nick Drake and 'River Man'. This one seems too easy so maybe you meant the other one!

The post at Matt's is most heartwarming and not nearly enough in life can be called that (says person who tries to see the half full and manages...now and again!). Too much of life is miserable and bitchy and mean...so thanks for not being that!

Dave King said...

What a fantastic image! It really works for me.

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed the article, and LOVED the video! I had never heard of Nick Drake, or his band, and I was floored when I listened to the song.

I am loving your taste in music almost as much as I enjoy your writing.

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks j.c., I'm off to find Morphine and have a listen... no, really, I am!

Rachel: YOU WIN!!! I like Nick Drake, don't you? Because you have no use for Entrecard Credits, I propose to send you a book from my shelves as a prize. If, that is, you would trust me (by email of course) with an address to which I could send it. Not necessarily you own as this, after all *is* still the Internet. I hope you will think up an address for me, 'cos I love sending books and, besides, YOU WON! And thanks for nice words - I don't look back mistily too often and that's probably just as well.

Dave: Isn't it a great pic? There's a bluebird in there flying along if you care to stare at it for long enough.

Nicole: I sort of thought you would like Nick, his story is sad but he music is currently enjoying a resurgence, I think because of its inclusion in TV programmes. He's worth seeking out.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken, I love music but I never heard of that lyrics. Perhaps I just don't remember. I went over to Matt's blog and read your post. You were brilliant as ever - the master.

Thanks for sharing.

Ken Armstrong said...

I had such FUN figuring out Rachel's prize (She doesn't 'do' EC's). It's a book and a little CD - both of which I have two of.

The thing is, I'd forgotten how much I love this book and the pleasure of being able to pass it on to someone who (hopefully) may not know it, is considerable.

So thanks again for winning Rachel - I hope you like this wonderful book.

(Not saying what it is, I feel a future post coming on)

Disturbed Stranger said...

This was different than my usual taste.. but good lyrics... Great picture too!

hope said...

I'd never heard that particular piece of music before...nice!

As usual, you meld words and music to a peaceful moment of Zen. Thanks.

And your gift to rachel reminded me of something I've been meaning to post...gee, you're a helpful group.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I like books. CDs too. Want to send something my way?

Rachel Fox said...

I don't even know what ECs are. I'd hoped it was something to do with Euros...not that we have them yet...