Hunting The Ken? Try Brady's Place.

I like 'Hunting The Muse'.

I think it's a great, inventive, hard-working blog by a smart guy with a sharp observational eye.

I often go over there and wait for him to post something...

So when I got the smell-of-a-chance to guest-blog , I jumped at it (have *you* ever jumped at a smell?) Thanks to Brady for letting me in, it was cold out there and my sneakers were leaking.

My post is about letting go of writing once it's done.

Perhaps, if you're feeling frisky, you might head over there and have a 'butcher's'.

Among many other great things, Brady makes videos and puts them up on his blog. He also writes neat things on coffee-shop napkins and leaves them behind to either be unceremoniously-binned or eternally-treasured as the fates allow. I think that's rather brave - Indiana Jones Brave ('Indie and the Latte of Doom', anyone??)

Finally, if you've somehow reversed over here from Brady's pad, you're welcome!

I'd like to be able to accost you with a wicked mission statement along the lines of 'Changing the world, one post at a time' or 'Boldly going where no blog has gone before'... but I can't.

I just like writing stuff and trying to get a bit of a laugh along the way (I settle for grins on Wednesdays).

Have a look around, if you fancy it... and perhaps comment.

I do love a good comment, me.


Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

Here's a comment for you: where's the guest post for my blog, hmmm?
(Or did my guidelines put you off?)

Ken Armstrong said...


Kenneth (he becomes 'Kenneth' when he is totally confused and a little scared) is now totally confused and a little scared.

Did I undertake...
Have I forgotten...?
Were there actually 'Guidelines' for crissakes?

Anytime you want a GB just let me know! How about 'The Importance of Matching Socks' I've toured the county with that lecture.