The Book Thief - Sharp Words Exchanged

So there was I, having this fun email exchange with Catherine of Sharp Words all about the book 'The Book Thief'.

Little did I know she would turn it into a post!!

Oh, all right, I did know...

I think it's a great, fun idea and a good way to extract some more ideas on the books we are reading. Well done Catherine and thanks very much for letting me have a go at it.

Why not go over to Sharp Words and have a look?

Oh just before you go...

If you're around Dublin tomorrow, 17th May 2008, The 'Centre Stage' event kicks off at Cabinteely Park at about Two. Balally Players are putting on my play 'The Moon Cut Like a Sickle' in the open air at about 2.45pm (all right then, 3.00pm but you don't want to be late).

This will probably be the final-fling for this production and the guys have hinted at some neat innovations in honour of the super open-air setting.

The weather is promised good so why not head on down?

Let me know if you do, eh?

This is a link to a radio feature which Dublin City FM did about the production. There's an extract or two along the way. I'm not in it but, God knows, it's none the worse for that.

I am in this one though - (from the original production). You have to page down a little.

Just in case you're wondering what I sound like...


Jim Murdoch said...

Good God! You're Irish!

Ken Armstrong said...

Who, me? No!

(Cock crows)


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Nice job, Ken! That's kind of what I did with sizzling popcorn...we both saw Narnia yesterday, had a conversation about it, and turned it into a post...Nice blogger collaboration!

Have an awesome day in the isles!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Very good review...I might just pick that one up! Thanks to you and Catherine!

Jon said...

Read the review, really enjoyed it. Nice to hear your voice too.

Ken Armstrong said...

Thanks Guys!!

'Wasn't sure about putting the link to the interview, Jon, I reckon I sound pretty weird.

The RTE guy borrowed by Thin Lizzy CD and never gave it back... cheek!