Credits Where they're Due

I miss that people don't hang around in the movies anymore until the credits finish. I always used to do it and found it to be a rewarding experience on any number of levels.

Granted, I don't remember a time when the majority of people stayed for the titles. There has always been a general rush for the door as if the outside world held some great attraction. But there used to be a tight little contingent of credit-fans who would sit them out until the 'all rights reserved' bit rolled up.

I particularly remember the James Bond movies where you could only find out the name of the next installment by waiting until the end of the end credits when it always said "James Bond will return in 'Man with the Golden Gun' or whatever.

Nowadays it seems you simply cannot stay.

The lights come up practically before the bad guy is dead. The cleaning folk wade in through the popcorn and start mopping up and the general vibe is one of "why are you still sitting there, you sad little man?"

Which is a shame.

There is much to be learned from end credits and often a few laughs too. And there is occasionally a bloody good song to hear as well.

I also think it's a nice time to reflect on the movie before you have to go out and express an opinion about it.

I think 'Spiderman 3' (which i did not think was that bad) would have been better if I had been allowed to stay and hear the Snow Patrol song play over the end credits.

But I'll never know.

"Get the DVD," you might say, "watch your bloody credits at home."

No, it's simply not the same...

Maybe if I hired a bunch of people to try to squeeze grumpily past me on the couch while I was watching the credits... maybe that would help replicate the experience?



Anonymous said...

Always stay for the credits! So many movies have out-takes and extra footage during the credits, it would be a shame to leave early.


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Always stay for the credits. Pixar's Bug's Life really made them popular with all the great hilarious animated outtakes at the end. Most movies do something interesting with the credits. I think Porky's was actually one of the first where while the credits were rolling, Pee Wee finally got laid....


Anyway...stay for the credits. Especially on July 18th when you all go to see Mamma Mia! There will be a surprise for everyone who stays to dance in the aisles!


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Laura Brown said...

I like movies that have a bonus at the end, after all the credits. Ferris Bueller is the one I remember right now. It is a shame everyone hustles out so quickly. I like taking my time, letting the aisles clear.

Also, a good way to see what kind of guy your date is. Does he push you to leave right away or is he easy going and fine with hanging around if you're still sitting.

Beamer said...

Good Post, as usual. I usually try to stay till the end. Never really know what little tidbit or smidgen or dropping of something they leave till the very end. I always like the Ferris Bueller movie (yes I am old school) where he asking why your still there at the very end.

Have a great day.


:-) MaryLou said...

We always stay for the credits. Most of the time we wait until the furor has died down about the movie, so it's not so crowded; and then there are no grumpy people climbing over us to get to the exits.

When those grumpy people start trying to get past you, put a really excited expression on your face, point toward the screen, and exclaim, "Oh look!"... "Darn, you missed it. Too bad. It was really great."

People hate missing stuff.


Dave King said...

Yes, I agree: stay for the credits. It always annoys me that the TV credits usually run so quickly that I cannot ead them. Maybe I'm just a slow reader!

Jim Murdoch said...

We always stay till the end. It's nice to be able to listen to the soundtrack without all that distracting acting stuff going on.

Ken Armstrong said...

All these fine people who stay for the credits... and I can't! I get kicked out. The lights comes up, sometimes the bloody movie even gets stopped.

I'm going to rebel... just as soon as I come back.

Azure Accessories said...

I haven't been to a movie in a theater for years...when I did go I didn't specifically stay for the credits...but I always wait until the theater or what ever venue I'm in clears out of the isn't fun to me to be squished in between people I don't know...


Rachel Fox said...

Now we know what we all have in common...we are all the people who stay till the end of the credits! Is it a genetic thing, do you think? Are we the don't-rush-us-people?

And if this is so then who ARE all the other non-credits-watchers? And what are they doing while we're doing all this keyboard-tapping?


Jena Isle said...

Yes, especially if one wants to know the people who had played major or minor roles in the production of the movie, etc.

Sometimes one notices a name or two whom she recognizes as a neighbor/

But just like what Ken said, sometimes even before the last scene is done, the "cleaner" starts doing his task and one has no option but to leave...

Fiendish said...

I don't stay for the credits.

What is more, I hated Spiderman 3 and I hate Snow Patrol too (commercia-rock at its most bland).

Nice post though :) I just thought I'd come on and shake things up a bit like.

Ken Armstrong said...


Two bloody minutes before I lock up the house and Fiendish starts a fight!!

That's why I luv ya!! :)

Enjoy the big 'O' - 'full report on my desk...

hope said...

There is something between relief and euphoria in learning I'm not the only one who stays to read. Fortunately, hubby learned a long time ago that I'm going to remain seated until the roman numerals for the year come into sight. That's fine with him...he hates crowds so having them out of the way suits him just fine. Besides, outtakes, especially from Jackie Chan, are often the best part.

And Dave King, I feel your pain! I watched a movie on t.v. the other night and wanted to see if I had actually spotted a young, chubby cheeked Robert Redford. I had...but I had to go to imdb to find out because as soon as the credits rolled, they were squished to one side of the screen so the channel could scream what program was coming up next!

Guess I'm just not in as much of a hurry as the rest of the world.

CelloBella said...

I'm sorry... who are you again?

JD at I Do Things said...

People are in such a rush to get out so they don't get caught in a parking snarl. I, too, enjoy sitting and letting the music and credits wash over me. And sometimes you get a bonus scene at the end.

I love reading the people's names and the sometimes vague role that crew members have. But it's hard to read the screen with everyone rushing out of there.

JD at I Do Things

Anonymous said...

The problem is nowadays that the credits on many films are never ending ... almost as long as the film ... they go on and on and on and acknowledge just about everyone. The Credits or Acknowledgements range from the actors right down to the girl or boy who goes out to buy a box of tissues!!
I think it's a sad state of affairs when so many people have to be acknowledged for just doing their job.

Jena Isle said...

There was one time I stayed for the credits as hubby was one of the thousands of extras in two battle scenes...he he he...but I never read his name, of course...(naive)

Cheers and happy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ken,I have awarded you the Arte Y Pico award at my Gewgaw Writings Blog.

I know this is the second. You deserve the award, but you don't have to pass it on.


Tam said...

I'm glad Fiendish spoke up. For a while there I thought I was the only person who nips on as soon as the credits start rolling.

Invariably I've consumed a large popcorn and carbonated beverage combination during the feature, and my need to go for a wizz is greater than my need to find out who the second assistant costume launderer was.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! I wish everyone would stay for the end credits. I for one love reading them and listening to the music they picked to finish off the movie!

Hope you're having a great trip Ken!

Alexys Fairfield said...

I think credits are important. Here in Los Angeles, most people stay until the end of the credits and they will applaud as if the people with the credits are in the cinema. Sometimes there are outtakes after the credits which are often better than the film.

Laura Brown said...

I like to stay till the end too but always get pushed out by whoever I am with. I used to go to movies alone when I was a lot younger and didn't have to pay the full adult admission. Then I could stay to the end and sneak into another cinema to watch another movie right to the end too. Sometimes they put something quite funny into the end credits. I don't rent movies or buy them so I only watch when they come on TV and there they tend to skip the end credits too. Often smushing them into some tiny square so they can start running ads around them. There is far too much push for ads these days. Kind of annoys me how ads are like the new god of this century. Plastered on our buses and every available surface outside it seems. What will future archeologists think of our culture? I wonder that sometimes.

Laura Brown said...

PS- I can't believe you're posting another old post! Maybe you're sleeping too much.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm usually one of the last ones out of the theatre. I have to watch all the credits. I spend most of the time while watching a film saying to myself, "Where have I seen her/him before?" (I do this with t.v. programs too and drive my husband mad with our PVR (Tivo) since I'm constantly asking him to back it up so I can reread them.
@DAVE KING - You can always catch the t.v. titles if you have a Personal Video Recorder and a satellite dish.

I need to see movies a second time after I know already who's in them. Then I can actually focus on the story!


Jim Murdoch said...

One of my main reasons for sitting through the credits is the music. Yes, I've discovered all the bonus stuff too but that's an aside. What I hate are people clambering over you while you're trying to wring the last moments of pleasure out of the damn thing before you have to get on with your life. Which is why Carrie and I always go in the afternoons when the place is practically empty. Actually our local cinema is very good at not putting on the lights too soon.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I always stay and watch the credits. Normally these days there's something funny at the end of the credits you will miss if you don't stay. See my comment above....which must have been from the first time this was posted. Now, I really like finding out where the film was filmed for possible vacation destinations. I was out in New Mexico in June. I went to the Very Large Array where the movie Contact was filmed starring Jodie Foster. I drove all over New Mexico trying to find out where that canyon was that Jodie Foster looks out over at the end of the movie. At the Very Large Array, I asked them and they said it was actually in Arizona. So I called the Arizona film office and found out it was Canyon de Chelly. Turns out I drover right by there as I was driving past Monument Valley. Had I known that was where the last scene of Contact was filmed, I would have made a side trip to that canyon. Now that I know about Canyon de Chelly, you can bet I'll stop there the next time I'm in Arizona. Which very likely will be next May.


Unknown said...

I am a fan of staying through the credits...Mel Brooks and John Landis had a habit of putting humourous stuff into them also The Naked Gun movies, those were classic...

Peace - Rene

Susan at Stony River said...

I agree; the credits rolling by are like being in the decompression chamber after a deep-sea dive LOL. It's the necessary space between make-believe and the real world.

In Enniskillen they don't even let them finish; what's with that? If I paid for the film, I paid to see the WHOLE film. Now I'm thinking I should politely complaaaaain a bit when it happens.

pinoygossipboy said...

I am a fan of credits. I don't just stay until the credits were shown, I actually read them.

ken armstrong said...

Thanks for your comments on this important issue! :)

So many 'stay behind and read the credits' people, it gives me faith.

Apologies too for reposting a post from early last year. I am on hols for a few days and wasn't happy with the hastily thrown together post I did about 'Voucher-Guilt'. I will polish it up and present it to you soon.

Promise. :)

dermot tynan said...

Yeah, I like to hang around for the credits, and play Spot-the-Nepotism, particularly in the Transport credits or the Stunts credits.

Hate the way most TV stations play the credits at a million miles an hour. Why don't they just stop pretending and not show them at all, like RTE does. Well, like RTE does with programs made by other people. Their own crap has four miles of credits at the end.

Aerté Du Draumr said...

I always try and stay for the credits. it annoys the hell out of whomever I'm with
and with Pirates of the Carribean2 it was def. worth it.
p.s Spidey3-only thing good about it was the soundtrack, a band called Stone sour did a lovely dong for it, its called 'Bother'and will make you cry your eyes out for real, its such an sad song...