Error 404

I went to my baby’s website
I surfed right onto that place
I typed ‘Hey babe, I love you so’
But she slammed it in my face

She gave me an
Error 404
Error 404
You know you’re
Heading for the door
When you get that
Error 404

I said, “Hey Babe, Don’t lock me out,
Don’t take your love to town.
My wifi’s pretty patchy
And my bandwidth’s runnin’ down.

I got me an
Error 404
Error 404
You know your
Credit’s on the floor
When you get that
Error 404

So if you take your gal for granted
And cause her lots of pain
And think that her good lovin’
Is your exclusive domain.

Take my advice for nothin’
Don’t stay offline too long
Go click on her quite often
And build your links real strong

Lest you get an
Error 404
Error 404
There ain’t no love
In her online store
When you’re left with an
Error 404

1 comment:

Karen Redman said...

Haha! That's great! You've made me laugh on what was becoming a very grumpy morning. It seems to have a "rhythm" to it. Would love to hear you say it or sing it!