The Doubles Partner – A Short Theatre Play - Two Females, One Male

What I’m planning to do is to write a little piece about each of my theatre plays. I’ll aim to do this midweek so it doesn’t really get in the way of my weekly blog post.  The theory is that my quite-good Google indexing might enable someone hunting for a particular type of play to find one of mine via internet search.

It’s really just a wee experiment.

This first post is about my most recent play 'The Doubles Partner' which we put on most recently in The Linenhall Theatre last Saturday. It’s only twelve minutes long and it needs a cast of two women and one man. It only requires the most minimal of set and lighting to carry it off. 

The play opens with John and Mary in their living room. John is struggling with his crossword puzzle and Mary, despite her best efforts, is really no help at all.  When Mary suggests that John seems very interested in his watch, he confesses that somebody is coming around to visit. That somebody is Louise, John’s new Doubles Partner. Louise’s arrival sends the play off in all kinds of unexpected directions with quite a few twists and turns along the way.

The audience reaction to this one has been exceptionally good. The play packs about 45 minutes worth of stuff into the 12 minutes and leaves the audience a bit shocked and breathless.

The play won first prize in the 2013 Claremorris Fringe Festival, for which it was written. It’s a funny little play with a black black heart and I am quite proud of how it came out.

If the play sound like something you might like to produce with your group, leave me a comment here and I will get a copy of the script to you. If it suits your purposes, we can work out something reasonable regarding royalties and I would be glad to tell you what I’ve learned about staging the play, having directed it myself.

Thanks for reading.


You can now watch the play on Vimeo if you like

The Doubles Partner from Frame Productions on Vimeo.

Come back for more information on my other plays over the next few weeks.

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