Nowhere to Hide

I hate looking at myself in pictures.  I really do.

I don't really know the reason why but I imagine it's complicated.  These days I am older and wider that I used to be (no, that's not a typo) and I could easily put that down as the reason.  But when I was younger and considerably less wide, I still hated seeing myself in pictures.  I think the most likely answer is that nearly all of us hate looking at ourselves in pictures - our own mental image of ourselves does not match the truth which the camera displays... I think that's probably it.

Anyway, I've become pretty damn good at avoiding getting into pictures.  One of my top tips is to always bring a camera with you to whatever event you're attending.  Then, when the picture-taking starts, you can be in the crowd taking them rather then in the crowd being taken.  It works a treat.

This week, though, was different.  This week there was nowhere to hide...

The Budget is coming and still-more savage cuts will need to be made.  If, however, the Arts are targeted as being some kind of  soft touch for cuts, it will be disastrous.  Not just for the people who work in the Arts, not just for the people who most enjoy the Arts but for our country - which earns much from its deserved international reputation for excellence in the Arts.

So, anyway, my great pals in The Linenhall Arts Centre decided to create a very short video to launch on YouTube as part of County Mayo's contribution to The National Campaign for the Arts 'National Day of Action' which was held on Friday last.  I helped a bit with the writing of the thing and wouldn't say no when I was asked to say a line or two for the video

So here's the video:

Oh, before that, you might well ask, if he hates looking at himself so very much, why is he now plastering his mug all over his own blog?  

Well... The Arts are important...

... more important that my desire to hide.


Rachel Fox said...

Did I recognise another face on there?

Ken Armstrong said...

Hi Rachel

That is a possibility, yes. Although, if I were to say more, I might be kicked on the shins the next time we meet. :)

Jim Murdoch said...

I would have done the same if asked. I'm not as bothered about being photographed as I once was but moving pictures are another thing.

Now what? The video is on YouTube. That's not going to change the world. How do you get that message to mean something to the people you need it to mean something to? So a dozen or so people care enough to make a wee video. Of course there are going to be a dozen people who care that much about the arts out of the circa 150,000 people who live in Mayo. What do the rest have to say about it?

Ken Armstrong said...

Excellent point Jim. My post fails to acknowledge that events were carried out Nationwide on the day. For our own part we met with our local TD (MP) and lobbied quite well for the cause.

Between Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, the video has been surprisingly widely seen and was commented on at national level.

Will it make a difference? God knows. But, at least like McMurphy in the Shower Room we will at least be able to say that, "We tried... we goddamn tried."

Thanks mate.

Emily Suess said...

Very nice job.

hope said...

And a standing ovation for the attempt! [And as one who believes behind the camera is more comfortable, I'm proud of you for standing out front].

That's what's wrong with the world today; everyone has a "why bother?" attitude rather than that once sacred, "Let's try because it's the right thing to do". Good for you! I hope things work out well.

Ken Armstrong said...

Emily: Thanks. I like it when you stop by.

Hope: Hiya! Thanks for that. It is better to do something, isn't it? You're right as ever. :)