The Ballad of the Thai Boxing Shorts

(In case this is being read in fifty years time and any misunderstanding arise, this piece of impromptu doggerel was inspired by Dear Cath who just used a funny expression on Twitter which is now incorporated in the last line of each verse.)

The Ballad of the Thai Boxing Shorts

(For @Serialfrenchies in jest)

When I think back to our time together
I remember you so sweet
From golden hair on top your head
To the toenails on your feet.
The memory of that careless time
Will always bring a twinge
When I remember tattoos on your back
And the writing across your minge.

Quite often now my thoughts will stray
To that time so long ago
When you got togged-out for martial arts
And dealt that mortal blow.
Still sometimes in my working day
That vision will impinge
Of those wee red Thai boxing shorts
With the writing across the minge.

Your goodbye note, it broke my heart
I knew it was the end
I’d lost my sparring partner
I’d lost a lifelong friend.
I should have sensed the end was nigh
That we had come unhinged
I should have had the sense to read
The writing on the minge.

Ken Armstrong (Aug 2011)

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